Sunday, May 30, 2010

1 is the loneliest number, unless you are trying to make saves.

Oofta, well I asked for it and I got it, a rematch against Kluwe's nids, and The Doom Of Malantai, which I have renamed to, "The Doom of Kroxitau".

It was a fun game, in the sense of some amazing dice fail, but I also got outplayed with some key deployment choices and the luck of getting Doom on my lines in turn 2 again.

Alright, I give up I cannot beat this list, maybe if I got silly lucky, but I just can't do it. I will have to wait for Tau 5th to try again. Thanks for playing though, even though you warned me, twice now. I guess I am just stubborn like that. It will be fun to play against a more relaxed nid list at a lower points level.

Tau players- thoughts and comments? Play a game against this list OSH, or Rathstar, or Nocker and let me know how ya do. I would love to hear some insight.



  1. I'll definitely agree that the dice rolls were not in your favor for this game. I think in terms of invul saves the Doom was about average, unfortunately all his saves came on the ID attacks.

    Tactically, I think you would have been better off placing your objective as far from mine as possible (so over in the corner with the Broadsides), as that would have let you use your superior mobility to outmaneuver my guys. The one weakness of this army is lack of any fast troops, so in most cases you'll be able to dictate movement. Placing the objective in the opposite corner would have also forced me to split my forces, and would have allowed your Kroot to outflank to an objective no matter what side they rolled.

    As far as protecting yourself from the Doom, that's hard to do. You almost have to have a throwaway unit you can bubble wrap yourself with in order to keep him from dropping right next to important targets, but that's tough to do with Tau. You might almost be better off spreading your Pathfinders out more so that I have to choose which unit the Doom will try and eat, and obviously keeping the Crises Suits away from him as well. I gotta be honest, he's a super cheesy unit, which is the prime reason I don't take him in normal games :)

    Other than that, a fun game again, and I'm definitely looking forward to our next showdown.

  2. @Chris

    Yeah I had some tactical fail with deployment. I figured I would try to hammer your dudes right away with higher strength low AP weapons while using the 2 devilfish to hide the suits behind.

    Definitely should have deployed the pathfinders farther apart so they both didn't get chomped.


  3. Ouchy! Sounds like you needed one of those IDs to get through to stand a chance. How come you don't roll like this when you play me? :)

    The best I can think of is that you weren't spread out enough. Having your pathfinders on the edges usually does wonders for creating a kill zone in the middle. Better luck next time.

  4. We are in sync! I just got smoked by the doom with my Deathwing. My force did not have enough guns to deal with all of the monstrous creatures, attacking spores, zoanthrope squads etc. At the end the unit I was least afraid of was deathleaper!

    Back to tau though--I love that you are back to painting. The tanks look good. How are you liking the non-grey army?

    I may need to requisition aid in my list building. I'd like to get started painting my tau, but as I paint to a list, it must come first! Maybe a little cross-blog pollination would be good. :)

  5. @Drathmere:

    Thanks for helping me out with the painting ideas, I have been following your stuff on pre-shading tanks and weathering. I don't know if I am up for weathering yet, but I do like how my tanks are looking. I have 2 devilfish flat painted right now and I am gonna work on the shading and highlighting today I think.

    As for list building it depends who you fight against most. The easiest way to do it is pick the things that have the highest strength and lowest AP in the codex, but that is not super fun and you miss out on fielding some cool models. You can build a good list with a variety of things in the codex. The only 2 things I have not had luck using are an ethreal and the vespid.

    1500 Mean List:
    Fireknife HQ

    3x 2 Fireknives
    1x 6 Firewarriors in a devilfish
    2x 10kroot w/7 hounds
    2 vanilla piranhas with dpods and sensor spines
    2x 2 Broadsides w/ 2 shield drones
    1x Ionhead with multitracker and Dpod

    I have a couple other lists posted throughout my blog. Make sure you get input from other Tau players as well!

  6. Also Yesterday was a bad day for dice in general. After the nid game I went on to play at my escalation league and COULD NOT make any armor saves! But both of those were tied because I pulled him off of his objectives and he had a hard time spotting my sniper drones, but still!