Friday, June 18, 2010

Dooms List Battle Report

Alrighty Dooms, nice list.

First, the battle.

I hate Dawn of War and wouldn't ya know it, we rolled up Dawn of War for this scenario. My opponent won the roll off, and since it was an objective mission he opted to concede first turn to me. Black Sun filters helped out quite a bit. Even though 1 squad of Broadsides couldn't shoot the turn it came on, I still managed to make a dent in my opponent's strategy from the get go.

I used the terrain to my advantage and initially deployed far forward to give me a safe bubble to operate within. I had the capacity to solidly hold 2 objectives, but because of the amount of success I had in the first 3 turns I got aggressive and proceeded with a plan to try and take all three. The plan did not work, but I still came up with a tie.

Secondly the list.
I have noticed that a lot of my lists are heavily dependent on multiple units needing to survive to pull off alpha strikes. In the case of my seeker army list I needed the pathfinders and multiple tanks alive to make sure I can launch 15 missiles in a turn. This in turn required aggressive pathfinder deployment to effectively get good angles on the targets I wanted.

In my sniper drone list I have relegated myself to a lot less movement with my heavy firepower. While I can set up strong firing lanes I will have problems against a quickly closing force.

My sniper drone list has more anti-marine but this is has more anti-tank and it is 250 points cheaper.

I like it a lot Dooms, thanks for posting it. The upcoming Phoenix games tourney I am gonna be using my sniper drone list since that is what I have painted but it looks like I will have to paint up 2 more broadsides to run your list. In an 1850 game I think I would add shield drones to the 2nd squad of crisis and a squad of kroot. In a 2000 point game I would add Shadowsun for the leadership bubble.

Any thoughts, comments?


Sunday, June 13, 2010

An amazingly fun game

1850 point game on Saturday versus a different CSM player. An extremely entertaining game with lots of stuff happening on both sides. In hindsight I probably should have been more aggressive in this one (ironic) but I just came off of a game where I was too aggressive so I erred on the side of caution. Markerlights FTW win, but the Kroot get MVP for taking out 3 tanks!

I am pretty sure I just have to think more during my games. These battle reports are pretty good for me to look at and remember what I need to work on better. Apparently I am actually not that good, but I am getting better.


1000pt Tau vs SM

I was a little too aggressive with my movement on my main tank and with my suit squads and killer Carl took advantage of that. At this point in my day I was wondering if buying my video camera to record battle reports cursed me to never win again! (Or maybe I should actually think about what I am doing) Good game dude!

In dawn of war can SM squads combat squad so they can be in four separate squads for DOW? (even though you can only have 2 troop choices and an HQ)

I hate Dawn of War

Saw the Best looking bionicle Mawloc...ever.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finished Army Pictures

Finally got the video uploaded. I suck at taking pictures so have fun. Go to a tournament I am at in real life if you actually want to see them in some proper lighting.

Enjoy the awesome music!

I'll be at Misty Mountain in Burnsville on the 12th of June, and then in Phoenix games in Wayazata on the last Saturday of June.


(That's right, 2 video posts)

CSM vs Tau Again

Because I am posting every single game I play.

Is there any other blog that has more video battle reports than me? Let me know so I know how many more I need to do to start competing with them.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ANOTHER quick update

My army is DONE. That's right it is done, all painted up, no clue what I am gonna do now, probably just give up 40K forever and go on to play yu-gi-oh cards. EXODIA!!!!!

Seriously though, never thought I would ever see my Tau army painted. I thought "maybe if I win the lottery I will get a Blue Table commission" But I never thought I would get it done, much less in three weeks!

I have been working 9 hour days 5 days a week, still finding time for the DnD campaign and hanging out with wife and friends, getting my Tau butt kicked three weeks in a row by a professional football player, trying to learn new characters at SSFIV, and completing an ECRS-R for accreditation. The Army Painter system is pretty much solely responsible, so I am gonna have to credit this army to Graydoom who actually told me about this idea and for the store owner of Phoenix games for telling Graydoom initially, and then explaining and demonstrating the process to me.

Its like a Nerd Final Exam!


(and now I can focus on battle reports! and improving my game)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fortune Favors the Bold! Unless you need the game to end on turn 5

KluweNids again versus my Tau, this time at 1500.

The game was really fun and there was a lot of crazy stuff that happened. In the end it came down to going for the draw, or going for the win. I decided to go for the win and needed it to end on turn 5!!! Excitement and a lot of fun. Sorry for posting this so late I have been busy getting my army finished up for next Saturday.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Update

Need to post the video of battle versus nids

Finishing up painting the rest of my army this week for the tournament on Saturday. I will hopefully post the vid tonight when I am procrastinating doing the painting.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Painted Models add +1 to hit, right?

Check it out!!

This was a lot of fun to do, and I am really happy with the results.

@Drathmere: Whatcha think?