Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Painted Models add +1 to hit, right?

Check it out!!

This was a lot of fun to do, and I am really happy with the results.

@Drathmere: Whatcha think?



  1. Awesome. I'm only a little jealous, I swear. You have more tau than me, more painted tau than me, and you paint your tau better than me. Ok, maybe I'm more than a little jealous! Lol!

  2. Woah! And you said you weren't a painter. Heh. Way to go, looks fantastic. Painting is all about finding what works for you and it looks like you found it. It was tough to pick out the shading so I can't wait to see them in person.
    I'll let you know later this week how my progress is going. I'm trying the Dragon Red primer. :)
    I believe the saying is painted models roll better.

  3. Wow, they look really good! Still going overboard trying to construct a scary looking Chaos Rhino. A few more units to construct and I'm ready to paint. I'll definately be requesting your guidance oh wise one.

  4. Completed:
    Shas' El
    3 units of 3 magnetized Crisis Suits
    2 Devilfish
    1 Hammerhead
    1 Broadside with Shield Drones
    1 Unit of 10 Kroot
    1 Firewarrior Squad
    1 Piranha
    1 Sniper Drone Team

    To be finished before June 12th:
    1 Piranha
    2 Squads of Pathfinders
    1 Broadside
    1 Squad of Kroot
    2 Sniper Drone teams

    To be Finished some time after that but before Nov:
    1 Hammer Head
    1 Skyray
    1 Devilfish
    Shas'O Rymr


  5. Went from my whole army primer black on May 18th to what I have now.

    Anyone have basing ideas? I thought I had a good Idea but it looks dumb.


  6. @ Krox

    Your suits are looking very good. Its nice to see that the "Army Painter" system is working out well for you.

    As to your basing, I would suggest doing something to contrast your current color scheme. When the bases are the same color as the model it makes it hard to look at from a distance ( it ends up looking like a blob of the same color). When you have a contrasting color your eyes are able to separate the different colors and it makes it more appealing to the eye.

    www.skullcrafts.com has some really great basing 'kits' that contain a variety of materials that compliment each other.

  7. @JTaylor

    Thanks I will check them out.


  8. The color wheel shows a contrasting color like dark blue or purple would be the contrasting color for your desert yellow. Another consideration is leaving the ring around the bottom of the base as black may help make the model pop off the table as well.
    Painter Sarah is on DLT for a podcast and has a lot of great basing tips: http://dicelikethunder.com/?p=223
    I am planning to do a blue-grey moon rock theme base for my blood angels.

  9. Looking very nice; the earth tone color scheme worked out well.

    Also, all that in two weeks? I am jealous of your free time!

  10. @nockergeek:

    I get off of work around 6 so have just been doin a little bit each day. It got surprisingly fast once it was part of my routine. It is way easier for me to be motivated to paint when I am satisfied with the end result.


  11. Looking good and very clean. Are they as clean in real life as they are in the video? And since you don't like transfers you just have to go for freehand:)

    Basing. Cork is a fun thing to use, and I've seen bark used in cool ways. Good for building up rocks and similar.