Friday, January 29, 2010

quick update

Probably not going to get to posting the practice vids tonight, however they are on my computer. Working on last minute gluing stuff together and hanging out with the wifey before I disappear into the realm of nerdom for a day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Army List Review 5 : Pathfinders

Pathfinders are an intrinsic part of the psychology game in my army.

Generally, pathfinders make other units in your army perform better in the shooting phase. They also allow you to launch seeker missiles off of vehicles (even vehicles that have turbo-boosted).

They would be cheap, but they have to take a devilfish. Some people think this is a bummer and a deterrent to taking this unit, I really like devilfish and have no problem paying the extra cost.

So what do I do with pathfinders? A whole heck of a lot.

This unit, more than any other unit in my army, changes what it does depending on pretty much everything. Hammerheads are always gonna act scary, kroot always try to do some contesting in woods sillyness, piranhas are always going to push on the last turn and my suits are always going to be hide and seek harrassers. Pathfinders have to take into account, opponent's view of them, how mobile is my opponent's army, how high is their leadership, is my opponent looking to exploit cover, etc... I have been really tempted for a long time to use 2 units of pathfinders, but I haven't yet.

(I JUST made a new 2000 point list in army builder that had 2 pathfinder units, I don't think it is as effective for what I want to do at 1500 though... end of impulse army making segment. Army Builder is a rocktackular program by the way.)

Pathfinders should be in pretty much every tau army. In my opinion Tau need to focus down their threats and pathfinders with markerlights exemplify this tactic. Who cares if most of your units are BS 3, with markerlights all of your units can be BS 5 pretty quick.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Battle Report 1500 point Tau Vs. 1500 Lysander Marines

Every Tuesday night is open 40K at Universe games in Minneapolis, I haven't gone before because the parking is horrible, but I managed to find a good spot, and I had a buddy along to take pictures. (i cant wait to get the Flip for video battle reports) I decided to get a game in before the tournament on sat. I will play some more games on thursday.

This battle was 1500. I didn't take a pos'el, which is weird for me, but i decided to see how much i rely on it, through it's absence.

My list:
A variation on my 2000 point list:
Christmas Commander
2 Super Knives

1x3 Fireknives

1 Suicide Suit with twin linked fusion blasters
and a targeting array!!! ( which i totally forgot about grrr)

2 Devilfish with 6 firewarriors
disruption pods on those

1 10 person Kroot Squad

5 Pathfinders in a devilfish
Disruption pod

2 piranhas with 4 seeker missiles

2 rail heads with D-pods, multitrackers and burst cannons

His list

Lysander with Terminators max size
power fists and crazy lysander stuff

Another unit of terminators max size
whatever basic terminators have plus an assault cannon(i think)

2 units of marines in rhinos (however many the max can fit into a rhino)

two dreadnoughts with multi-meltas

and a vindicator tank with the demolisher cannon

Deployment was table side, seize objective, and there were 5 objectives.

He won the roll off and opted to go first, which was fine by me because it was an objective based mission.

The marine player I was up against was very nice and polite, there was a Tau player at a different table who saw that I was taking two piranhas and said I was stupid for taking piranhas, and there is no reason they should be in any army list due to the fact they are open topped, and have stupid weapons and BS and generally fail at everything. I told him those piranhas were going to win me the game, and he went over to his tau gun line army versus spore pod nids match up :P

My opponent had 2 units of terminators in reserve, I kept the devilfish, kroot, suits, and piranhas in reserve. I had the hammerheads out on the field, as well as the pathfinders.
I used my scout move to move the pathfinders up on the left side and deploy the drones for cover saves and the pathfinders behind the drones. In this picture you can see the one objective by his dread and rhinos on the near field, there is one more objective in the middle of the board that you can see and there are three objectives on the far side in a triangle formation all around 15 inches apart, one of which is hidden behind the round rock.

He went first and ran his dreadnaughts, moved up his rhinos and popped smoke with both. His vindicator took a shot at the hammerhead but I cover saved it.

On my first turn the lower hammerhead blew up the rhino (even though he popped smoke)
The other hammerhead got a weapon destroyed on the rhino trying to move up the far side with the dreadnaught. I wanted use use my Hammerhead on the near side to pull forces away from where I was concentrating my army, so that's why he was all by himself unsupported, I wanted to make sure he got a lot of attention. On the far side i was hoping to get some reserves in to slow down that dread.

His turn 2
Lysander comes down on his turn 2 but the other termies remain in reserve. My plan works out as Lysander comes down in front of the exploded rhino, his intended target looks to be the distracting lone hammerhead. His remaining rhino pulls back out of site near the point of the hidden objective triangle in the center. The Vindicator lets loose again, this time hitting but not glancing or penetrating at all. He runs at my pathfinder devilfish with the dread, trying to close for melee next turn. His marines opposite my distracting hammerhead just consolidate their position around the objective.

My Turn 2

Piranhas, Kroot, and both Devilfish pop on to the field. I really didn't want the devilfish coming on this early, and part of me was thinking "should have brought the positional relay", but oh well.
I wanted the Kroot to come on, on the pathfinder side of the map to hunker down on an objective, but they didn't. (In hindsight I should have placed an objective on some trees and sat the kroot in there infilitrating and going to ground for +2 cover) Instead the Kroot came on near enough to the exposed marines to assault. The two devilfish came in side by side next to the supporting hammerhead, and the piranhas turboboosted on getting parrallel with the dread.

In my shooting phase the distracting hammerhead put a wound on Lysander (and I totally forgot to move the hammer head, it was stationary which was a bonehead move, but it is still serving it's purpose as distraction.)

The supporting Hammerhead immobilizes the Vindicator, but the Vindicator is in a good spot so that's still ok for the marine player. The pathfinders light up the dread that is getting too close and I let loose with all 4 seeker missiles on the Piranhas. Dread goes down and there are no more threats to the pathfinders (point 1 why piranhas are awesome). Kroot lose half their numbers in the assault and break, but they are fast enough to run away, still being at half strength or above they have a chance to regroup and threaten the farside objective.

His turn 3
His other unit of terminators come down near my pathfinders. His exposed marines hang out by their objective, the remaining dread charges and the kroot stick around to fight. Lysander moves into charge range, and since I didn't move that stupid tank he easily kills it, however it explodes and I claim the life of 1 terminator. The terminators that came down near the pathfinders open fire and kill 2 of them.The remaining rhino hides, the vindicator shoots but cover saves protect again.

My Turn 3
This picture is a little screwy, because it is taken after his terminator unit that came down by pathfinders unit dies, very unfortunately.

In my turn all three crisis units come down. The suicide suit scatters closer to the rhino, but it will still be hitting side armor, the other 2 squads of suits scatter down just outside of rapid fire range, which is good, so I can't get assaulted when the rhino pops. The piranhas and two devilfish move up, the piranhas deploy their drones so that the Terminators are surrounded on all sides. The pathfinders light up the terminators and give the piranhas BS5 and reduce the leadership of the terminators by 1.

The piranhas, drones, devilfish, and hammerhead manage to kill 3 terminators (no firewarriors got out), forcing a morale check, the terminators roll 11 , and with nowhere to run, are killed because of the DRONES FROM THE PIRANHAS (there ya go buddy, that is point two why piranhas are awesome).

Even with twinlinked I failed to roll a 4 to hit the remaining rhino with my twin linked fusion, I CANNOT believe I forgot I had a targeting array on that thing, because it would have been popped, but nope, rolled a 3, then a 2 to hit. The Christmas commander with super knives as well as the other unit of fireknives also failed to pop the rhino, but they did manage to immobilize it. Kroot are still stuck in close comabt with a dread that cannot get a hit to save it's life.

His turn 4
Lysander runs towards my main force. Dread finally kills the kroot. And Vindicator manages to blow up one of my devilfish. None of the firewarriors die in the explosion, but 1 gun drone does.

My Turn 4
Piranhas turbo boost towards his exposed marines in order to contest their objective on turn 5. I have 1 score-fish on an objective, and one unit of firewarriors in a crater that Lysander is running straight towards. The pathfinders light up Lysander's unit and the firewarriors let loose, but outside of rapid fire range, they still manage to take down 2 terminators ( i think i missed one dying to burst cannon fire somewhere from the distracto hammer head), All of my suits fail to do anything to the rhino, so the suicide suit does what he does best and charges the rear armor and finally wrecks it.

His turn 5
Lysander barrels for my firewarriors, with his unit, easily killing them. He moves his troops from the recently popped rhino to hold the hidden objective point (hidden because you cannot see it, not because it is a secret). He takes some shots at my suits but the hq passes with the shield gen save versus a krak missile and their bolter fire bounces off as well. The remaining dread moves back to support the marines on his side.

My turn 5
Piranhas boost to contest his "safe" objective. Suicide suit fails to wound anythning from shooting but moves up to contest, fire knives and christmas commander do some more sucky shooting. Both his objectives he has are contested, I have 1 uncontested objective with scorefish, end of turn game ends on a 1. Tau win by 1!!! (Point 3 why piranhas are awesome)

As noted above there were a couple of things I could have remembered or done differently, but even with the crappy offensive rolling (except against the one terminator unit that fled from burst cannon fire) my tactics still rang true. I am tired now, I will reply to any comments or questions. This was a good run in prep for the tourney on sat.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Flip Video Camera

Hopefully the Flip video camera I ordered will get here in time for the weekend so I have it to record some battle reports of the tournament. We will see if all of my tactics are baloney or if it is actually effective against people that I don't normally play against.

Army List review 4: Piranhas

Alrighty, I really want to make an exploding fishwall army, but before I get any more piranhas, I need to know if there is any clarification on Flechette Dischargers. If I have 5 Piranhas, all with Flechette Dischargers, does that mean any assaulting unit takes 5D6 hits per dude?! I sure hope so...anyway on to the review of my army list.

I like Piranhas and I think they are pretty cool. The turbo boost is nice and they can take Disruption pods, which mean even if I don't turbo boost they still get a cover save. In this army they are a distraction as well as last turn objective contester. I left them with burst cannons because i did not want to go tank hunting with these guys, that may change after the results of the upcoming tournament.

I also have a full loadout of seeker missiles on these 2 for silly pathfinder+turbo boosting fun. Just run up the line so that the piranhas are parallel with the side armor of any tanks and mark the tanks with the pathfinders. Boom! seekers hitting on side armor, or rear if you can get that far back. Since seekers can be fired regardless of what the Piranha moved, it's a nice quick way to deliver some anti-tank firepower.

In mission where kill points are not an issue the drones come in quite handy with corraling enemy troops or providing cover saves to Kroot or whoever else needs some help in the back lines.

In my current army list I do not have flechette dischargers because the ruling is kind of iffy. IF it is true that each assaulting model takes xD6 hits depending on the number of flechette dischargers then this will def be a part of my army at a 4 strong squadron, I would also upgrade them with targeting arrays and fusion blasters so they become more of an annoyance, and to shore up the fact I will be taking less suits to pay for their cost.

Piranhas are very fun, but they are definately a finesse unit that you can't use like a hammerhead, and are a little more tricky to keep safe than crisis suits, (especially if you are going tank hunting)

I don't field more than 2 right now but fielding 3 or 4 of these guys can shut down landraider assaults, and force the enemy to focus on blowing up these guys instead of going after other elements of your army. It is kind of a silly tactic, but if you are trying to make your opponent lose his cool and make bad decisions, there ya go.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Army List Review Part 3 Firewarriors! (and devilfish)

Well, I am not going through FOC in the order I thought, actually I am just going on down the line on my army list that I printed out, which I guess means, troops before suits, but then my Kroot are at the bottom of the list, so oh well.

Firewarriors! And Devilfish. Some people say the fish is over-costed others say firewarriors can't do anything. I say that , yea maybe the devilfish is a tad expensive, but then I look at the sillyness of the price of the disruption pod, I think that it is a good points cost for a tank that can act as mobile cover for the rest of my army, AND get a +4 cover save itself.

I usually field Fish in a scorefish config (no bells or whistles other than Disruption pod) However I take 10 fw instead of the usual 6 for a scorefish.

I play mech Tau all the way (one unit of kroot, outflanking is nice but I will get to that later) Generally I keep all of my FW in fish, some games they never see the light of day. Fire warriors have good range and you can set them up in a pretty formidable gunline with broadside and markerlight support, but with all the drop pods, mycetic spores, and super fast troops (hormagaunts!?!) a static position will be overrun in no time. In general I shouldn't let my FW out of the fish unless they are going to FoF leftovers. In reality I push these guys to their limits a lot, and sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it goes poorly.

For an aggressive general there are a couple things of note. A scorefish is a dual sided sword, and kind of a funny name, because in an annihilation mission, score fish are just that, a bunch of points for the enemy. They give up 1 more KP versus a standard transport of a different race because of drones. This is a bummer, and in most kill point missions my strat is KP denial so I reserve these guys and try to keep them off of the field using positional relay. I could field them with smart missile systems, but to make that worth it I would also slap on a targeting array and multi-tracker and that gets too expensive for me. Plus with defensive weapons classed at S4, I could only fire one weapon and I really want to keep moving.

So back to the KP thing, keep these guys reserved. In the other two mission types, drones are a ton of fun and if used right really help control the enemy's movement. General drone tactics include: getting your opponent to shoot at them, getting your opponent to assault them, sitting them on an abandonded objective, blocking a retaliation assault on a double FoF (i have done this more times than I should have but who can resist 40 S5 shots at a group of oblits!? gotta love those cover saves getting in...)

Since drones count as disembarking from an open-topped vehicle you could assault with them after a move, but a squad of 2 drones will die to anything so it is better to have the enemy waste their turn assaulting or shooting these guys. (Different story with piranha squadrons...)

The devilfish itself is a pretty big tank. Armor front of 12 will keep it alive but it's width is where the money is at, those big hips are perfect for hiding a squad of suits. Old Shatter Hands does this better than me with his "circling the wagon" which I am completely stealing now and having more success than what I was doing before.

In summary I use the drones to be as annoying as possible, the devilfish for mobile cover and to keep my firewarriors safe, and suits with cover.

Firewarriors, the way I use them, are super Mont'ka. Its all about the killing blow, but knowing where to strike is a key element. I still FoF, but it is less powerul, but using Mathhammer i can tell you this- you will kill 1.5 MeQ on average with a FoF that has 10 FW, in other words, don't FoF anything other than leftovers, and unless you have some drone coverage don't FoF assaulters. Pathfinders make this better, but it is still risky.

I like fire warriors, but I just can't seem to take advantage of that 30" range. I am all about the "no guts no glory" FoF, and I can't bring myself to have my army sit still long enough to fire 30" away.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Armylist Review part 2: Christmas Commander and the two superknives

I do not usually play 2000 point games so I generally play with a slimmer list. The next Tournament I am in is a 2000 point game so I needed to gain some weight. This is a pretty fat unit points wise, but it is a lot of fun, and I am pretty happy with the models. (Still need to get better at taking pictures so I can actually do these guys some justice!)

Superknives are bodyguards that have twin-linked plasma rifles, a missile pod, hardwired multi-trackers, and hard-wired blacksun filters. The Christmas commander is a suit that has stimulant injectors, twin-linked plasma, and a shield gen. Normally this HQ has a plasma rifle, Cyclic ion blaster and a targeting array with a hard wired multi-tracker and stim injectors. However I got Rymr for Christmas and I can't NOT use him, so he gets to be in the first tournament of the year and I will see how he does.

Basically, this unit is supposed to draw a lot of attention, depending on the enemy they will start on the field, or deep strike somewhere within 18" of a transport, or small unit of guys, (5-6) or somewhere close to cover and force a chase.

So far in the prepatory games I have played this unit has done decent and has given small terminator squads a run for their money. I just have to be careful to not get too aggressive with them, because they have gotten stuck in CC in a couple games because i couldn't resist getting into rapid fire range.

A thing to remember that if you are going against MeQ's with these guys you need to be careful about shooting plasma and missile pods. On a unit of 4 or 5 guys you generally don't want to shoot your missile pods if you got 3 or 4 hits on plasma. If you decide to shoot your missile pods you could end up wasting your plasma shots, here is an example:

4 terminators for some reason wandered to within rapid fire range of your super team. You light them up with pathfinders so you are hitting with plasma on rerollable 2 or betters! hooray for you!

you get 6 hits with plasma if all wound, all guys are praying on their +5 ward saves, however, if you shoot missiles too...

let's take the 6 hits with plasma, then lets say you roll, two 1's with the missiles so, only 4 missiles hit, that's 10 wounds total that your opponent can allocate. He allocates 3 plasma shots to 1 term, 3 plasma shots to the other term, and 2 missile shots to the other 2 remaining termies. Because you shot those missiles, your unit allowed the terminators to weather the storm a hell of a lot better, versus just shooting the plasma. This is mainly only a problem with fireknives, but can happen on other suits depending on your configuration.

The reason I did not just take fusion blasters instead of missile pods is that I don't want to be too close to the enemy, and I want these guys blowing up transports from far away.

Firewarrior painting and picture taking.

First off I am pretty happy with the results so far, but it is still taking forever, but that is probably just me. I am painting whole squads at a time and I am still on the first squad. This picture was taken after i just did the devlan mud wash on the armor and badab black wash on the cloth.

Here is another shot that is a little bit better. It is going good so far and I haven't even gotten to the detail work. It is taking a while and my ADD and painting are pretty close to being in all out war with each other, so I am taking a little break to post.

Any advice on how to get better photos? I need to figure out how to manually focus the camera, but it is my wife's and she is at a baby shower, I will ask her when she gets back, but if anyone has any other picture taking advice let me know. (camera is an olympus C-750)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Painting Update

Following Drathmere's advice I changed how I am painting my firewarriors, and so far it seems to be going well. They are looking better and it is encouraging so it is getting a little bit easier to get motivated to paint. Hopefully I will have some time so I can put up some pictures by Sat.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Army List review Part 1 Pos'El

Here is the first piece in my "army list review". Primarily, this is going to be a grouping of posts that focus on my army list selections, why they are in there and how I use them. I will start with the HQ of the FOC and just work my way down.

A Pos'el is a Shas'el with the positional relay, and generally some long range firepower. For me he is equipped with a shield drone, iridium armor, and twin-linked missile pods.

This guy is less useful in single shot games, where you just bring 1 list and play 1 game. I like to use him versus armies that have a lot of deep strikers themselves, and so if I know I am going to be playing against something like that I will definitely take him. In a tournament setting where you have to take the same list against multiple opponents I will always take him because he radically alters how I can use my army from game to game. This means that I will alter my strategy based on who and what I am going up against.

Against speedy armies: Generally against fast speedy armies I will deploy almost all of my army to the field. I need to have all the guns ready to shoot those last turn objective contenders early on and really need to be a bully about making sure I can control the battlefield. The positional relay is generally used only once to bring in the suicide suit right where I need it to take out a key transport or piece of armor. The other squads of suits just use the tanks as mobile cover. Examples: ravenwing, jetbike eldar.

Against Mech armies: Against mechanized i deploy most of my army, except for the suits, which will be brought down (hopefully no 1's) once a turn closer to cover than to enemy troops. Unless it's the suicide suit NEVER drop suits closer than 18" to the enemy, ya there is scatter, but it is better to drop them somewhere they can get to cover than somewhere to shoot (remember their assault phase move!), because generally they are not going to be able to eliminate all threats to themselves when they deepstrike in. This way your enemy has to spend resources hunting your suits down and hopefully splitting up his army a little bit while you use the rest of your army to support your suits on the other side of the battlefield. This can mean shooting with HH or FW squads, but generally the support comes from the fact that the enemy is less likely to cover an efficient space if they are trying to go after those shiny crisis suits that just dropped in, so you can get better positons with your tanks and pathfinders.
Examples: Mechdar, Rhinotime, IG, Taumech

Annihilation missions (and assault first turn armies and Drop pod armies, but the KP thing is important to note as well)
I have like...21 kill points in my army i think (give or take a few) Kill point missions are tough on Tau because of the whole drones count as a kill point so a single piranha counts as 2 KP. In this situation i reserve EVERYTHING, except the Pos'el. Each turn i bring in one unit (or even better roll a 1 and bring in nothing) I will bring in the piranhas first, and put them somewhere that is out of the way, but within 24 inches of a good position, then I bring in a Hammer Head, then turn after that the pathfinders in their devilfish (their re-roll scatter is nice for the suits when everything comes in on turn 5). Trying to keep things coming in as far away from the enemy as possible. If i am going second hooray for me, if I am going first, I still have the same tactics it is just riskier. Hopefully I have been able to keep my Pos'el out of sight and hiding, maybe taking some potshots at transports or speeders. With the Pos'el I only have to bring in 1 unit a turn, so this is basic KP denial. I try to bring in everything on one turn and do as much damage as possible, remember you only need one more point than the enemy to win. (this tactic is most enjoyable when you are going second)

The Pos'El allows me to take a look at what kind of person my opponent is, what type of army they are using, and then based on tactical insight and intuition I can completely change how my army works from one game to the next. Sometime I guess completely wrong and deploy my army when I should have reserved but I have gotten pretty good at figuring out the best way to do this, and it makes an insane amount of difference in KP missions.

Next up will by the Superknives with the christmas commander!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Army List

Here i the army list I am taking to an upcoming tournament. It is 2,000 points, I normally play 1500 so some of my choices are little different than what I normally take (mostly just added more upgrades and shiny bits)

Shas'el with twin-linked Missile pod, iridium armor, and positional relay, and shield drone

Shas'el with twin linked plasma rifle and a shield gen ( i got the O'Rymr model for Christmas, normally i would have plasma rifle and cyclic ion blaster but the tournament is strictly WYSIWYG so there ya go) He also has stimulant injectors.
2 Bodyguard- twin-linked PR and a MP as well as HWMT (these are called superknives)

Unit of 3 Fireknives

1 suicide suit with twin-linked fusion blasters

A crisis team that has Superknife team leader and another guy with FB and MP with MT

Two units of 10 firewariors in devilfish with disruption pods

A fire warrior unit of ten with no upgrades or transport

6 pathfinders with their devilfish

2 piranhas with burst cannons and seeker missile

2 kitted out rail heads
a unit of (usually outflanking) 10 kroot.

I promised that I would post my army list at this time, but I am not at my own computer and don't have all my photos, I will post a "unit goal" item later when I get home.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tau vs Ravenwing

Alrighty, I was supposed to post a battle report over xmas break, we took photos of it and everything. I totally thought I was toast going up against an all Ravenwing super bike army. I played against my friend (whom I will call Graydoom). The reason I ended up not posting it, is because Graydoom has a supernatural ability to roll ones. I will wish i had a digital camera so I could have recorded it because that game was not statistically possible.

He had meltas that failed to hit tanks and he failed more than half of his cover saves. His army was completely wiped off of the board by turn 4, not a sinlge model left. I would like to say it was because my awesome tactics or sweet tau firepower, but in reality, it was my friend's inhuman knack of rolling 1's. I ended up not posting it, but I am putting up this comment just so you know.

However I WILL be posting battle reports and photos of all of my games that happen at the upcoming tournament on the 30th.

Painting can be BORING and fun, but when you are painting Firewarriors it is boring.

Anyone who has tips on painting fire warriors, let me know, because I would like some.
I am going with a little variation on the standard Tau paint scheme, nothing too fancy.

In that picture they are all base coated up and I have the backs of them painted a dark red color.

There is a shot of the armor. I am pretty sure I will have to do a couple of passes to get a more even coat. Then it will be on to highlighting. He is not even close to being done, because all that black (or most of it anyways) is going to be the Tau brown color.

I like having painted armies (my lizardmen army is fun.) But painting the same basic model over and over gets boring. Maybe I just need to throw a painting party or something.

Army Transportation

In order to safely get my army and their tiny breakable pieces to the event I will need to figure out a way to build something that will protect them. I went to the fabric store and got some green foam. To cut the foam I am just going to use a box cutter and then using the magic marker to make sure I have the right sizes. This is more frustrating than I originally thought.

I figured I would just cut out the square and POOF! yay done. Nope.

So there are my 5 tanks and two piranhas that I am taking in my list. Got them neatly sorted out and now to draw the lines. Basically I just traced around each tank, and made sure that the walls separating the tanks still had enough structural integrity to function and also so they did not just fall off.

I was still pretty happy at this point. It looks like it will be pretty nice. In my head I said, "sweet now i will take the box cutter and cut on the lines and bravo! I have nice little rectangles for each of my tanks to sit in." Except for the fact that I originally imagined that i would not cut all the way through the foam, but then I did. I got frustrated and had an expert come in to try to help.

My wife is a lot more patient than I am with this stuff and I am glad she was there to help. Basically we decided that, "yeah it would have been better had I not cut all the way through, but it is still salvageable."

Next stop is to get a container from Target to put the foam block in, I have another foam block for the crisis suits, and all the drones and infantry will fit in my tackle box.

To anyone who has more patience than a preschooler this is definitely a good way to go, it was a good way for me too, I just got frustrated initially which will happen a lot on projects.

Upcoming Tournament!

There is an upcoming tournament here in Minneapolis that I am going to which should be pretty fun. It's the first time for me in a 40K tournament so I'll have to see if I even know what I am doing.

I have gotten pretty distracted in the last couple of months with the whole Thanksgiving, Christmas, holiday bonanza, but the tournament is on the 30th of this month so I gotta hunker down, and by hunker down I mean procrastinate painting my army by making posts on my blog.

Luckily the army does not have to be painted to play, but if it is not painted you cannot win overall.

New Gue'la Device shatters minds of the Ethereal Council

"Shas'O!! We have finally gained access to the central compound, soon we will know why we lost contact!" The cadre of Tau had been out of contact with HQ for weeks, ever since they started their journey home, there has been no signal from their homeworld.

When the Cadre had arrived planet-side they had found not a single living creature, everything had been a desolate un-kept wasteland.

When the doors finally opened a holo-screen was flickering random images, attached to that holo-screen was this:

"We found that and a bunch of vid logs sir. No bodies though, and the audio on the vid logs are easy to hear, however the visual connection was damaged." The Shas'O popped one of the vid logs into his data terminal. Amid the screams he heard one phrase repeated over and over... "Uncharted 2!"

-Seriously, that is a very fun game