Friday, May 28, 2010

Quick Update

Played my army versus Daemon Drop Dual lash CSM, it was kill point and spear head. I will post the game tomorrow probably, it is a two-parter video!
Here is my list

Death rain El
3x coalition crisis teams each consisting of 1 deathrain, 1 helios, 1 fireknife
2x 10 kroot
1x 6 FW
2x Pathfinders (1 has 7, the other 8, Dpods and 2 seekers on each fish)
1x 2 piranha vanilla with dpods and 4 seekers
2 Broadsides with 2 shield drones, TL
1 Railhead
3 Sniper Drone teams

I will use this army in ten battle reports before I change anything. Mostly testing out the validity of sniper drone teams.



  1. Seems like you're testing out the validity of seeker missiles too. Do you like them that much? They're probably really good against Daemons though, S8 ap3 is bound to hurt some monstrous creatures.

  2. Oh man my last list was all about seeker missiles. I may go back to a slightly different version of it after my ten game review of sniper drones.

    I do play against chaos a lot so that meta is heavily factored into my list building.

    Nurgle Bikers

    DP with wings

    Chaos Sorcer trying to hide in plague marines.

    Seeker missile alpha strike has gotten rid of all those problems right on turn 1.

    I love them, I just wish I could still put 4 on a vehicle :)

    I think you need a lot of them to make it worth it, and you need to make sure you have enough shots to kill whatever you are shooting at, so I usually do a little overkill, but ya just can never be too sure, especially when there is a Quick time daemon prince (wings and warptime) breathing down your neck.

    For seeker missile spam to work you need two units of pathfinders though.

    If snipers don't work out I will put the sky ray back in , but the crisis teams are doing awesome. Video to be posted tonight!