Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tau beat down again!

Always remember, when you build your army, you have a plan of how it's played. Don't deviate from that because you will get stomped.

Although every one of my friend's bright lances were completely impotent.

My army relies on the alpha strike, meaning every unit is on the table and hopefully I can go first to wreck some things. This scenario was dawn of war and I decided to be a little weird and reserve everything (because i must be damaged) just to see what would happen. Outflanking pathfinders is retarded, deep striking suits means they can't get to cover before they are shot, and reserving the big guns means (obviously) they don't come in until turn 4.

Lesson Learned



  1. Whoa bro, that music is just a little distracting :P Anyways, you summed it up pretty well. If you have a plan to play your army, stick to it. Maybe you got a little freaked when I was so aggressive with my deployment. (not the norm for me) So that's maybe why you thought it would be a good idea to reserve everything. You need those pathfinders to be on the board asap so they can get those markerlights going right away. Also, you could have tried ignoring the banshees (or at least avoiding them), because trying to kill them when they are fortuned up is hard thing to do. You effectively shut them down with the tank wall towards the end of the game though. I couldn't get at your broadsides without moving through cover. GG!

  2. Ya the music was also a bad idea, but I wanted to try it out.

    Just like reserving everything, it will be an audio reminder to never do that.


  3. I did the same thing against nurgle daemons. I came to the same conclusion as you; that only time the main firepower should be off the board is Dawn of War where they intend to come on turn one :)

    My broadsides were almost the last to turn up as well, heavy railguns I suppose :)


  4. Well at least you know for sure now that reserving your units with that list is not a good idea. Better to get a beatdown from a friend than at a tournament at least.

    Agreed on the music, but it made me laugh.

    Good game! Fun to watch!