Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Army Progess plus New list

Two things. First after my ten game review I have decided that my army list at all levels needs to be re-evaluated. Second I am not frustrated with painting! (at least not currently.)

Painting first.

One of my friends had recently been to Phoenix Games in Minnetonka and came upon the owner who had just recently painted an IG army, in 3 hours. The army did not have super a lot of detail but it was all highlighted and shaded and it was a crap ton of guys and a crap ton of tanks that were good enough to be put on a table and blast some hordes with pie-plates. When asked how he did this, he told my friend (Graydoom) about www.thearmypainter.com some of you guys already know about this, we did not.

I really don't get a lot out of painting but I really like having a painted army. I can paint flat colors no prob, I have steady hands and small brushes, where I enter problems is the tedium of painting large things as well as shading and highlighting said large things (as well as firewarriors)

The army painter thing comes with two main features I really like; color primer, and a varnish that auto shades.

I am happy so far. I will keep you guys posted as the army progresses.

Second piece of the night, I am changing up my army list. A long time ago I tried to make Vespid work in 4th edition, I decided I was not smart enough to know how to use them.

Recently I have been trying to make the Skyray work. It has afforded a lot of opportunities to try out different things but it also takes up a heavy support slot.

My previous list had no ap 2 and the ap 3 was relegated to the 16 seeker missiles I was sporting. From all the recent battles against 5th edition codexes i can't really rely on long range deathrains to do my killing. Even against a Lazorback spam list I was having some troubles.

Now I am giving sniper drone teams a go. I think the reason I have not used them before is because I wanted to stay super mobile, that is also why I didn't used to take broadsides.

I guess my second piece is going to be light because I have to work early early tomorrow and even though it is only 11 I need to get me some sleeps so I can be fresh and ready for more painting after work.

The army list will debut on Thursday versus who else? CSM, then Sunday I have a rematch against the Nid list that kicked my butt last weekend.

I will go more into my army choices then, both games will be 2000 in prep for the upcoming Misty Mountain Tournament on June 12th.



  1. Woah! Way to go. I'm running down to get the Red paint for my Blood Angels. If nothing else, it will really help speeed up the vehicles, but I suspect it will really help me with the jump troops as well. Now you're making me 'escalate'. See, the escalation league is already working. Heh. Keep up the great work!

  2. Your painting progress is looking good, keep the motivation flowing ;)

    I think changing up your list to add in more ap will be a great thing, especially with the amount of marine armies that are being played.

  3. Hi,

    I'm not sold on sniper teams, as well as being extremely static (even more than broasides with AdvStabSys), but 4 wounds on the team mean you have a 50:50 chance that the drone controller guy dies and the whole team drops dead.

    For more anti-tank I'd suggest broadsides (accompanied by 2 hammerheads or a hammerhead and skyray). For more anti-infantry low ap I'd advise plasma on crisis suits, yeah it's expensive, but nothing kills marines, especially the new FnP variety, like it.


  4. @rathstar

    I havew yet to try out sniper drones, but being able to take 3 teams in 1 heavy support slot isd gonna be nice. Also, due to wqound allocation rules, I am pretty sure that the drone controller will always be the last model to die. Stay tuned for the army list on thursday!


  5. Regarding wound allocation if the unit gets losts of single wounds yep the drone controller will be the first to die. However if the first unit that fires at the drones inflicts 4 or more wounds at least 1 hit has to allocated to the drone controller and must be rolled seperately to see if the drone controller dies :(

    If you find you like the rail rifles but not the fact it uses up a heavy slot, consider a pathfinder team of 4 with 3 railrifles (78 pts excluding the devilfish).

    Rathstar (who must get back to battle reports, I am so behind)

  6. @rathstar
    You are right, if that unit takes a lot of shots there is the chance the drones could save and the controller would die. Like I said though, I am gonna see if I can get them to work. Waiting on those battle reports!

  7. The painting looks like it's going well. You'll have to give me some input when I finish putting my Chaos guys together.

    I like your new list. The Sniper Drones looks scary, and the Crisis Suits are setup better for defense while losing very little offensively. It will be a fun battle tomorrow!

    Should I play...
    1) My usual DP, Sorc with Lash, variety of crazy chaos, only vehicles: Rhino and Defiler
    2) Daemon Drop: Dual Sorc Lash with 8 squads of Lesser Daemons dropping in. (proxys for the daemons)
    3) Heavy Metal: Typhus, Termies, Land Raider, 2 Dreads, 2 Vindicators, Pred. (lots of proxys)
    4) Silly Gift: Ahriman, Sorc, and 4 Thousand Sons all with Gift of Chaos. (some proxys)

    Any votes on which one I should use to test out Krox's new list?

  8. @Sarafan
    I vote for number 3 but i think a better test for Krox would be number 2.

  9. Not if I shoot all the icons dead in turn 1 :P