Saturday, May 29, 2010

1500 versus drop pod Space Wolves

Played a game today against JTaylor, of He brought his 1500 points of Space Wolves in drop pods and I cut down my 2000pt list to 1500. We rolled up a Dawn of war and capture and control.

I really wanted to choose the board side on this one so I could take advantage of some key terrain. I won the roll off and away we went. With DoW I ended up just having my HQ on at first, but it didn't really matter since the SW were coming on in DP anyways. If he would have had first turn it would have been really easy for him to muck up where I wanted my army to deploy and isolate my commander.

I deployed away from my objective but I had some units that could still fire at targets who decided to drop in next to my objective. Initially the firewarriors and kroot were in reserve and everything else walked on.

With my deployment I needed to make a bubble to keep my crisis suits safe, I used the devilfish and the hammerhead along with the terrain to give me a nice buffer zone, leaving a pocket open in case he felt daring.

I felt that the Sniper Drones had a positive effect in this game with their range and STR/AP. My deployment helped me to force my opponent to make some tough choices on where to commit his pods. I did not feel as pressured as I did in the recent BA game. For the most part I managed to stay out of assaults, except for the one at the end that caught the sniper drone team and caused the tie! Although I did get lucky with the Devilfish on the other side surviving a lot of hits to contest the SW objective. All in all it was a very fun game!

I think JTaylor said he would post his list so you all could see what he had. My list was as follows:

Deathrain HQ
2x 10 Kroot
1x 6 FW
3x Crisis Coalition teams
1x 6 Pathfinders in a devilfish
1x 2 Broadsides w/2 shield drones
1x Railhead
2x Sniper Teams



  1. Very cool. How are you feeling about your list changes so far? I'll have to ask JT how he felt his Logan's Heroes performed. ;) C&C is probably the most difficult to win (and lose).

  2. You did well against Space Wolves. Well done! In theory I root for the Wolves but it's nice to see Tau holding up.

    A question, can any of your long range shooters outflank? Could have used that to force the Wolves to spread out. Also I've heard that putting objectives in the open is a good thing:)

    (The irony is that I want a drop pod SW army:))

  3. @Pavonis:

    Without piranhas C&C is harder for me to win. If I had piranhas in this list I would have allocated more firepower to my objective.

    No outflankers besides Stealth teams (expensive short range str 5 ap 5 assault 3)
    Kroot and Pathfinders.

    I always put my objective in the open. That is the reason I chose the side I did in this match, so the objective is in the open but close to cover (jungle bonus for kroot) So I have a clear field of fire. Even if I don't there are always markerlights.

    It is harder to force that versus drop pod, since they can come down anywhere. If that pod would have come down sooner it would have been easier to nullify those guys, but then I would have had more targets to shoot at, so who knows. That was a lucky difficult terrain roll and consolidate roll by SW though :)

    I think Drop pods are tricky because you can strike anywhere, but once you commit you have to go with your plan, otherwise you waste time moving to a spot you don't need to be.


  4. Also, drop pods reduce the amount scattered to not land on terrain, not scatter full then move to closest available spot. However that worked out in my favor.


  5. Also I failed to properly commit my crisis suits. I forgot that Logan's unit only had Combi-meltas. I was afraid of str 8 ap 1. The 2 full squads should have pressured north right away.

  6. Looks like you did pretty well. All reserve armies have a tough time against your list because you can pretty much shoot anywhere quite effectively, so when they come in a few at a time, it's only allowing you to shoot with less of a threat. Coming in anywhere somewhat balances that out, but your mobility keeps that from being to devastating.

    I think it was a little risky having the only thing by the one objective being your devilfish, but other than that I think your tactics were solid. Great job on both sides I think.

  7. Now what the new Tau codex needs is Mystics to shoot at every unit deep striking. Heh.

  8. Funny things with pods. If they scatter outside the table, wops, bye bye. I bad to go and re-read the rule when I heard that:)

    I got the feeling that the woke battle was close to your deployment zone, maybe I am remembering wrong but that felt interesting. A drop pod army must like to cuddle together with the enemy:)

  9. For all of the inquiring minds out there, here is the list that I used:


    Logan Grimnar

    Wolf Priest in terminator armor


    10 Grey Hunters
    2x meltaguns, Wolf Standard, Power Fist
    Drop Pod

    10 Grey Hunters
    2x meltaguns, Wolf Standard, Power Fist
    Drop Pod

    8 Wolf Guard in Power Armor (Logan's Unit)
    2x Combi-Melta, Power Weapon
    Drop Pod

    8 Wolf Guard in Power Armor (Wolf Priest's Unit)
    2x Combi-Melta, Power Fist
    Drop Pod

    8 Wolf Guard in Power Armor
    2x Combi-Melta, Power weapon
    1 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor
    Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
    Drop Pod

    The Battle was a lot of fun and very challenging! Krox has very solid tactics, which made me make more than a few very hard decisions. This was my first time playing a full drop pod list so some of the decisions I made were not the best. I struggle to decide if I should drop in close and try to force the assault, or drop a little further away and press in after. The list I ran was very heavy on melta so this meant I had to get up close and personal, but the Tau have the best counter for that(Jet Packs)..

    With all of the "RazorWolf" lists out there I want to try and play them differently, will it pay off? Who knows, but I'm darn sure I will have some good battles trying!


    The addition of Plasma to your list is working very well. It forced me to try and seek cover, which meant that you were controlling my movement.

    The sniper drones were also a pain in my rear, though some bad shooting rolls on my part kept them alive. What I should have done is drop my fourth pod near the sniper drones that were in the middle of the board, and shot them up. That would have also put those guys closer to some of your Crisis Suits and maybe I could have seen more than 3 rounds of Close Combat the whole game ;)

  10. @JTaylor

    With the initial drop I thought for sure that you would place a pod next to the lone sniper team in the middle of my deployment edge.

    I figured that was the farthest away from both objectives, while still being a reasonable place to drop in a pod, splitting my vanguard force from my main force. However they would have been out in the open for two rounds (no way those sniper drones would survive a charge)
    So I would have two rounds to shoot at them. That didn't happen and the other pods came in on 3, and 4 which worked out in your favor because I didn't know exactly where to commit my forces either. A lot of fun and a very tactical game. The dice did get a little crazy at some points though, but I think they evened each other out.


  11. Awesome video report! I hate Drop Pod lists but after that 1 match i've taken quite a lot from it.