Saturday, May 1, 2010

If your opponent wants to concede let him.

Played a fun game today versus Doc RailGun. It was 1750 kill points pitched battle and he was running with blood angels. He had 5 razorbacks with TL lascannons with 5 man assault squads in each(1 power weapon guy, one melta guy) 2 baal preds, 2 predators that have all the lascannons on them and a demolisher gun tank. oh, and a librarian, but the librarian didn't do too much and a whirlwind.

He gave me first turn. As you can see BA reserved everything, and for some reason i didn't move my broadsides into cover, so when the entire blood angel army came in on turn 2 (well, all of them except for 1 baal pred and one razorback) They died. Need to find some points to give those guys a shield drone or 2!

Really should have just disembarked my drones and hid them somewhere. After the initial first turn of BA I turned it around and by turn 5 when we saw that it would go to six I was in great position to do a lot of damage. My opponent looked at the board and said the game was probably over, and if I would have rolled at least average it would have been, but I decided "naw lets play it out and see what happens." Maybe that red thirst is infectious. In the end I lost by 2. Very fun game and I was glad I could keep the pressure on even without my skyray, broadsides, and hammer head (technically the hammerhead was still there and never got destroyed, but he was stunned every turn, except for the 1 turn where he rolled a 1 to hit.

Kroot outflanking and wrecking vehicles was nice, they took out the whirlwind and did everything BUT destroy the other LAZpred.

If we played again I think I could do better, I liked my pathfinder deployment but with those outflanking baals I really should have kept more to the center of the field. I think that instead of deploying across i should have castled up on one side to prevent out flanking against me and since he had so many vehicles he would not have been able to deploy as efficiently, I gave up too many firing lanes. Oh well, live and learn.



  1. Sorry did you say 2 preds, a demolisher AND a whirlwind? That's like 4 HS isn't it?

  2. Nice Game. You held out well to a pretty difficult army to crack. Lots of tanks. I am surprised the Deathrains didn't wreck all those rhinos. I was certain they would.

  3. @Ginge:
    ok i don't remember the names of the tanks but this is what he had besides the 5 razorbacks:

    2 baal preds ( i remember those because they are the outflankers)
    1 whirlwind

    The flat square tank with the siege shield and front armor 13 that shoots a large blast 24 inches that can insta-kill crisis suits

    a tank that has front armor 13 a turret autocannon and 2 sponson lascannons

    and another tank that has front armor 13 a turret twin linked las cannon and 2 sponson lascannons.

    I WAS SURPRISED TOO!! the deathrains were getting pens, but I was rolling bad on the damage chart. Although the same thing happened to my opponent against the Hammerhead.
    Also losing my broadsides and skyray right away was a bummer as well.

    Made some changes to my list, see the side bar.

    Realistically I could just take out the seeker missiles and bring down the 2 pathfinder squads and add another unit of deathrains and put kroot hounds in the kroot, but I am really trying to make the alpha strike thing work.'


  4. Did manage to chat with my opponent, he felt bad for the mistake. Realistically though, all the whirlwind did was miss twice and then got blown up by kroot, netting me +1 kill point, so it kinda worked out in my favor. I am betting if he had to cut one of his heavy supports, it would have been the whirlwind.

  5. Yeah he got that wrong, but if you say it wasn't game changing it's no big deal. Besides, heavy support is the LAST place I'd expect a blood angel player to bulk out on! :oP

  6. @Ginge:It was definitely a different blood angels list than the one I was expecting.

  7. AND if I hadn't cheated (accidentally) things would've been better all around. Sorry about that.

  8. @ Doc Railgun:
    I am always up for a re-match:)
    But not this weekend since I will be at the Misty Mountain Doubles tournament.
    I did add some shield drones to my broadsides though, those lascannons made short work of them :)