Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quick update

Doubles Tournament:
Got blasted out of the water both games and was forced with a bye for 1 game which kinda sucked. First game played against 2 kids, 1 was nice but did not know how to measure. The second had problems knowing the rules of his army. We lost because we got diced and were too polite. Jimmy can corroborate.

For the bye we walked around for a couple hours watching other people play and found some pretty cool people to talk to.

In the third game we were set to play agianst another pair of kids who seemed nice, but had to leave an hour after we would start. Not wanting to play for just an hour after having come off of the bye, we searched out the duo who were supposed to have the bye in the third round. They were glad to play and that was a really fun game game, although we got blasted to pieces again.

More thoughts in the actual battle report I hope to post later today after all the Mother's day stuff.

Also, due to recent experiences at tournaments I am going to be starting a humorous series on proper tournament etiquette.