Friday, May 28, 2010

New List Versus Daemon Drop 2000 points

Here is the Vid. I had to make it a two-parter because I was getting distracted as well as the fact that I spent more time trying to get dramatic game moments, but I think all those failed, and the crazy moments happened off camera.

It was a kill point game which was not too bad since the army I was going up against had 20 kill points. I will try to get Sarafanknight to post up his army list. He is the CSM guy I play most of my battles against. It is also a Spear-Head game which can be tricky, but I manage to create a bottle neck again and split my forces away into two sections.

Having a weak middle that sucks guys in, while my flanks fan out is a great way to maintain distance and keep the enemy in a killing field, which is what happened in this battle.

I generally have problems in kill points games but the new suit configurations helped keep me on top of the score throughout the entire match (as did the multiple units of 5 daemons). I don't know why Sarafanknight took bikers, they always get erased off of the map by seeker missiles.
The painted unit of Kroot get the "Meatshield of the Game" award. They were tank shocked and charged by the greater daemon THREE times before finally dying. That is a lot of failed leadership and successful initiative and rally tests. See Graydoom, painted units do better!

The thrilling conclusion!!!!

Crisis suits charging a Rhino?!?! Piranhas wrecking two rhinos in one turn!?!!? Pchew pchew!

My new list is fun. A lot of that is due to the added AP 3, 2, and 1. However I did have some lucky dice rolls that allowed my suits to stay in the combat, and I was not going up against IG, SW, BA, or Nids. Which seem to be the big bruisers on the tournament scene. Rematch against Nids on Sunday.



  1. My second recorded win since I have gotten the camera. We will see how I do at Misty Mountain June 12th and Phoenix games at the end of June.


  2. Wait I think i have won some other games with the camera but only agianst the CSM :) sorry CSM.


  3. Here's the list!

    2x Sorcerer: Wings, Slaanesh, Lash
    Greater Daemon
    Bikers (5+1champ): Icon of Nurgle, 2x Meltagun
    2x Havocs (5+1champ): Icon of Chaos, 4x Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Rhino w/ Combi-melta
    2x Plague Marines (5): 2x Meltagun, Personal Icon, Rhino w/ Combi-melta
    8x Lesser Daemons (5)

    Why Sarafan took bikers...
    I never want to make a list specifically to kill your tau army list. I think it's unfair if I build a list with yours in mind. So I make a list thinking about SM, nids, eldar, etc. Nothing blows away 6 bikers with 6 toughness and a 3+ cover save as easily as Marker Lights and Seeker Missles. It's gross. I almost didn't want to play this list against you because I knew my 288 points of bikers were wasted. What a fiend I am!

    I had a tough time deciding where to deploy on this one. Every corner looked like I'd be bottlenecked going in. I'm learning to hate spearhead against tau. I thought if a biker or two survived, I could send the daemons in from their position, and keep the rest of my melty madness together on the other side where most of the tanks were, but I was forced to drop the daemons in with everything else and just try to tie up what I could. I think if the game went for about 10 rounds, I might have had something going for me, but I just couldn't do enough damage against tau mobility in time.

    All in all, that was a pretty fun fight. I know there were a few key mishaps that really pushed the advantage tau's way, but this was kind of a silly list to begin with, so I'm glad it was at least not a blowout.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I cheated when I put my lesser daemons in a Rhino (no, not on purpose). I hesitated before I did and checked the lesser daemon profile and saw nothing. Curse rules being scattered around (it's all over the transports that daemons can't jump in; the drivers must be racists or something).

    Good luck on your rematch with the NIDS!!!

  4. @Sarafanknight

    yea you are right about the bikes, sometimes I forget that we play other people :)

    Although I am testing out the validity of sniper drones I think the main impact of my changes have been from the crisis suits. I really liked using Deathrains because of their cost primarily, but also having the long range.

    I guess this is not a very scientific experiment because there are too many variables, but I still would like to see what other people think about sniper drones.

    -Bait During Deployment
    -Pinning units
    -Focus down marine units

    Do they offer those advantages to any varying degree? We will find out.