Monday, January 18, 2010

Tau vs Ravenwing

Alrighty, I was supposed to post a battle report over xmas break, we took photos of it and everything. I totally thought I was toast going up against an all Ravenwing super bike army. I played against my friend (whom I will call Graydoom). The reason I ended up not posting it, is because Graydoom has a supernatural ability to roll ones. I will wish i had a digital camera so I could have recorded it because that game was not statistically possible.

He had meltas that failed to hit tanks and he failed more than half of his cover saves. His army was completely wiped off of the board by turn 4, not a sinlge model left. I would like to say it was because my awesome tactics or sweet tau firepower, but in reality, it was my friend's inhuman knack of rolling 1's. I ended up not posting it, but I am putting up this comment just so you know.

However I WILL be posting battle reports and photos of all of my games that happen at the upcoming tournament on the 30th.


  1. The Tau seem specially designed to blow the cr@p out of Ravenwing armies. I have never lost a game against them, regardless of players.

  2. Yeah I was surprised at how fast they folded. I thought their movement would cause me some problems.