Monday, January 18, 2010

New Gue'la Device shatters minds of the Ethereal Council

"Shas'O!! We have finally gained access to the central compound, soon we will know why we lost contact!" The cadre of Tau had been out of contact with HQ for weeks, ever since they started their journey home, there has been no signal from their homeworld.

When the Cadre had arrived planet-side they had found not a single living creature, everything had been a desolate un-kept wasteland.

When the doors finally opened a holo-screen was flickering random images, attached to that holo-screen was this:

"We found that and a bunch of vid logs sir. No bodies though, and the audio on the vid logs are easy to hear, however the visual connection was damaged." The Shas'O popped one of the vid logs into his data terminal. Amid the screams he heard one phrase repeated over and over... "Uncharted 2!"

-Seriously, that is a very fun game

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