Saturday, January 23, 2010

Armylist Review part 2: Christmas Commander and the two superknives

I do not usually play 2000 point games so I generally play with a slimmer list. The next Tournament I am in is a 2000 point game so I needed to gain some weight. This is a pretty fat unit points wise, but it is a lot of fun, and I am pretty happy with the models. (Still need to get better at taking pictures so I can actually do these guys some justice!)

Superknives are bodyguards that have twin-linked plasma rifles, a missile pod, hardwired multi-trackers, and hard-wired blacksun filters. The Christmas commander is a suit that has stimulant injectors, twin-linked plasma, and a shield gen. Normally this HQ has a plasma rifle, Cyclic ion blaster and a targeting array with a hard wired multi-tracker and stim injectors. However I got Rymr for Christmas and I can't NOT use him, so he gets to be in the first tournament of the year and I will see how he does.

Basically, this unit is supposed to draw a lot of attention, depending on the enemy they will start on the field, or deep strike somewhere within 18" of a transport, or small unit of guys, (5-6) or somewhere close to cover and force a chase.

So far in the prepatory games I have played this unit has done decent and has given small terminator squads a run for their money. I just have to be careful to not get too aggressive with them, because they have gotten stuck in CC in a couple games because i couldn't resist getting into rapid fire range.

A thing to remember that if you are going against MeQ's with these guys you need to be careful about shooting plasma and missile pods. On a unit of 4 or 5 guys you generally don't want to shoot your missile pods if you got 3 or 4 hits on plasma. If you decide to shoot your missile pods you could end up wasting your plasma shots, here is an example:

4 terminators for some reason wandered to within rapid fire range of your super team. You light them up with pathfinders so you are hitting with plasma on rerollable 2 or betters! hooray for you!

you get 6 hits with plasma if all wound, all guys are praying on their +5 ward saves, however, if you shoot missiles too...

let's take the 6 hits with plasma, then lets say you roll, two 1's with the missiles so, only 4 missiles hit, that's 10 wounds total that your opponent can allocate. He allocates 3 plasma shots to 1 term, 3 plasma shots to the other term, and 2 missile shots to the other 2 remaining termies. Because you shot those missiles, your unit allowed the terminators to weather the storm a hell of a lot better, versus just shooting the plasma. This is mainly only a problem with fireknives, but can happen on other suits depending on your configuration.

The reason I did not just take fusion blasters instead of missile pods is that I don't want to be too close to the enemy, and I want these guys blowing up transports from far away.


  1. Kroxitau, You're absolutely right about how you shoot your plasma. when shooting terminators, its best to only shoot AP2 shoots in a single volley. Reading your reasoning behind not shooting the missile pods, it seems as if you are talking about terminators that are all unique within the squad. I'm not sure you've got the rules right. Let's say it's a squad of normal termies with 1 sarg, 1 assault cannon and 3 normal ones with storm bolters. THe only way he could assign wounds the way you've done is by putting 3 AP2 wounds on the sarg, 3 AP2 wounds on the assault cannon and then 4 AP4 wounds on the storm bolter terms. So he's going to lose his sarg and assault cannon and probably save his 3 storm bolter guys. Is that what you were thinking?

  2. Yes OSH you are right sorry for the confusion, but when I face terminators there are usually a couple of different guys in the unit (Hq, Reaper autocannon, champion, normal guys)
    that is what I was thinking in my head. Should have included that clarification.