Monday, January 25, 2010

Army List review 4: Piranhas

Alrighty, I really want to make an exploding fishwall army, but before I get any more piranhas, I need to know if there is any clarification on Flechette Dischargers. If I have 5 Piranhas, all with Flechette Dischargers, does that mean any assaulting unit takes 5D6 hits per dude?! I sure hope so...anyway on to the review of my army list.

I like Piranhas and I think they are pretty cool. The turbo boost is nice and they can take Disruption pods, which mean even if I don't turbo boost they still get a cover save. In this army they are a distraction as well as last turn objective contester. I left them with burst cannons because i did not want to go tank hunting with these guys, that may change after the results of the upcoming tournament.

I also have a full loadout of seeker missiles on these 2 for silly pathfinder+turbo boosting fun. Just run up the line so that the piranhas are parallel with the side armor of any tanks and mark the tanks with the pathfinders. Boom! seekers hitting on side armor, or rear if you can get that far back. Since seekers can be fired regardless of what the Piranha moved, it's a nice quick way to deliver some anti-tank firepower.

In mission where kill points are not an issue the drones come in quite handy with corraling enemy troops or providing cover saves to Kroot or whoever else needs some help in the back lines.

In my current army list I do not have flechette dischargers because the ruling is kind of iffy. IF it is true that each assaulting model takes xD6 hits depending on the number of flechette dischargers then this will def be a part of my army at a 4 strong squadron, I would also upgrade them with targeting arrays and fusion blasters so they become more of an annoyance, and to shore up the fact I will be taking less suits to pay for their cost.

Piranhas are very fun, but they are definately a finesse unit that you can't use like a hammerhead, and are a little more tricky to keep safe than crisis suits, (especially if you are going tank hunting)

I don't field more than 2 right now but fielding 3 or 4 of these guys can shut down landraider assaults, and force the enemy to focus on blowing up these guys instead of going after other elements of your army. It is kind of a silly tactic, but if you are trying to make your opponent lose his cool and make bad decisions, there ya go.


  1. For clarification on the FD does a unit attacking a squadron of 5 Piranhas test to wound 5 times on each assaulter?

  2. I love my Piranhas! Having a fast skimmer on the board is always fun.

    About the FDs, you really have to check your opponent first or tournament organizers. Its not really cheese either because its a defensive ability: your opponent has to get himself in that position.