Monday, January 18, 2010

Army Transportation

In order to safely get my army and their tiny breakable pieces to the event I will need to figure out a way to build something that will protect them. I went to the fabric store and got some green foam. To cut the foam I am just going to use a box cutter and then using the magic marker to make sure I have the right sizes. This is more frustrating than I originally thought.

I figured I would just cut out the square and POOF! yay done. Nope.

So there are my 5 tanks and two piranhas that I am taking in my list. Got them neatly sorted out and now to draw the lines. Basically I just traced around each tank, and made sure that the walls separating the tanks still had enough structural integrity to function and also so they did not just fall off.

I was still pretty happy at this point. It looks like it will be pretty nice. In my head I said, "sweet now i will take the box cutter and cut on the lines and bravo! I have nice little rectangles for each of my tanks to sit in." Except for the fact that I originally imagined that i would not cut all the way through the foam, but then I did. I got frustrated and had an expert come in to try to help.

My wife is a lot more patient than I am with this stuff and I am glad she was there to help. Basically we decided that, "yeah it would have been better had I not cut all the way through, but it is still salvageable."

Next stop is to get a container from Target to put the foam block in, I have another foam block for the crisis suits, and all the drones and infantry will fit in my tackle box.

To anyone who has more patience than a preschooler this is definitely a good way to go, it was a good way for me too, I just got frustrated initially which will happen a lot on projects.

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