Thursday, January 28, 2010

Army List Review 5 : Pathfinders

Pathfinders are an intrinsic part of the psychology game in my army.

Generally, pathfinders make other units in your army perform better in the shooting phase. They also allow you to launch seeker missiles off of vehicles (even vehicles that have turbo-boosted).

They would be cheap, but they have to take a devilfish. Some people think this is a bummer and a deterrent to taking this unit, I really like devilfish and have no problem paying the extra cost.

So what do I do with pathfinders? A whole heck of a lot.

This unit, more than any other unit in my army, changes what it does depending on pretty much everything. Hammerheads are always gonna act scary, kroot always try to do some contesting in woods sillyness, piranhas are always going to push on the last turn and my suits are always going to be hide and seek harrassers. Pathfinders have to take into account, opponent's view of them, how mobile is my opponent's army, how high is their leadership, is my opponent looking to exploit cover, etc... I have been really tempted for a long time to use 2 units of pathfinders, but I haven't yet.

(I JUST made a new 2000 point list in army builder that had 2 pathfinder units, I don't think it is as effective for what I want to do at 1500 though... end of impulse army making segment. Army Builder is a rocktackular program by the way.)

Pathfinders should be in pretty much every tau army. In my opinion Tau need to focus down their threats and pathfinders with markerlights exemplify this tactic. Who cares if most of your units are BS 3, with markerlights all of your units can be BS 5 pretty quick.

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