Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Army List

Here i the army list I am taking to an upcoming tournament. It is 2,000 points, I normally play 1500 so some of my choices are little different than what I normally take (mostly just added more upgrades and shiny bits)

Shas'el with twin-linked Missile pod, iridium armor, and positional relay, and shield drone

Shas'el with twin linked plasma rifle and a shield gen ( i got the O'Rymr model for Christmas, normally i would have plasma rifle and cyclic ion blaster but the tournament is strictly WYSIWYG so there ya go) He also has stimulant injectors.
2 Bodyguard- twin-linked PR and a MP as well as HWMT (these are called superknives)

Unit of 3 Fireknives

1 suicide suit with twin-linked fusion blasters

A crisis team that has Superknife team leader and another guy with FB and MP with MT

Two units of 10 firewariors in devilfish with disruption pods

A fire warrior unit of ten with no upgrades or transport

6 pathfinders with their devilfish

2 piranhas with burst cannons and seeker missile

2 kitted out rail heads
a unit of (usually outflanking) 10 kroot.

I promised that I would post my army list at this time, but I am not at my own computer and don't have all my photos, I will post a "unit goal" item later when I get home.


  1. so on your pathfinders did you just take firewarriors and not put on the backpacks and shoulder pads? I would like to kit out a squad, but I am not sure this is a kosher method, even though the models look the same to me.

  2. Drathmere: That is EXACTLY what i did. I don't really like the pathfindr models currently and plus they are metal.