Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting can be BORING and fun, but when you are painting Firewarriors it is boring.

Anyone who has tips on painting fire warriors, let me know, because I would like some.
I am going with a little variation on the standard Tau paint scheme, nothing too fancy.

In that picture they are all base coated up and I have the backs of them painted a dark red color.

There is a shot of the armor. I am pretty sure I will have to do a couple of passes to get a more even coat. Then it will be on to highlighting. He is not even close to being done, because all that black (or most of it anyways) is going to be the Tau brown color.

I like having painted armies (my lizardmen army is fun.) But painting the same basic model over and over gets boring. Maybe I just need to throw a painting party or something.


  1. So you asked for some ideas.. the first one is to not use black primer. Use white primer so you can then just paint on the brown and yellow. Get the foundation paints to a soupy consistency and then let them cover the white. The paint should not completely cover. The paint will naturally shade. The next step is to paint all of metal bits. Then take devlan mud wash and coat the whole model. You want to brush the wash so it does not go on thick. When dry it will be be a nicely shaded model. You can then go back with yellow, and then yellow+white to highlight the armor.

    This method works really well for me when painting unlimited quantities of imperial guard.

    You asked!

  2. My pathfinder squad is not base coated though so I will try it on them and post the results!

  3. The reason why my army is majority base coated black, is because I figured i would not have to trace all the little lines on the dudes. But what you are saying makes a lot of sense. When I was painting the models all of the paint was going to the recesses, and so the black was still on the edges of the model and I would have to paint a couple coats.

    Any tips on working with the fact I already base-coated black?

  4. Would it be worth it to strip my army and re-basecoat? Or just go with as is? How annoying is it? Would I just dip them in paint thinner?

  5. I use simple green to take off paint. It does not take off base coats though. It think if you managed to get the top layers of acrylic pain off then re-bas e coating will not be a problem. I have done this with a lot of old models. If you have metal models, they strip the best. I have recovered my poorly painted marines this way. I am looking forward to seeing the results!

    Don't be worried if the paint looks bright and clown like initially, the mud wash tones it down a lot, and the pale color/whitish areas take on subdued tones. You can use the same process to paint faces. I use a very thinned down tallarn flesh (so a lot of white on the ridges shows through) and then wash it with mud. Sometimes I go back with tallarn flesh/bone white to paint the ridges but sometimes it looks great as is.

    Any chance you have a tau army list? I just bought tau and have never played them. The codex is a little daunting. I have a battle force, one box of fire warriors, and two of the missile tanks (since they have all the sprues) I have two deathingwing land speeders to finish before I move onto my tau army.

  6. I have a busy day today, but my next post is my army list for the tournament, and I have a bunch of ideas based on style of play, i play mech tau with suits. I promise I will make the army list post either super late tonight or tomorrow at 3:30 CST.