Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yes I know, it is battle report crazy day

POsting three battle reports in the same day!?! Yup, That's why I made a blog. Everybody can talk tactics, but few people can witness someone actively not using tactics!!! I kid, I thought this game went fairly well given how annoying Eldrad is.

Had I realized that Eldrad did NOT have eternal warrior I may have done more shooting at his unit, really though I wanted to get rid of all the wave serpents first. The Night Spinner was annoying. He kept it out of sight so had to roll the full 2D6" scatter, but each time it HIT dead on :P I thought nothing of it and proceeded to fail all of my dangerous terrain tests :P :P. Oh well If it would have ended on 5 I would have won, I had to settle for a tie instead.


  1. Nice game! Yea, Eldrad is nasty, but if you handle him right, he can be pretty ineffectual. ;) Like any hammer unit, you can either take it out, or ignore it. I mostly don't try to kill his unit, just make them foot slog so I can out dance him so his transport gets a high target priority. ;)

  2. Nice battle report, thanks for sharing. If you don't mind me asking... which video editing software do you use ?

    Thanks and keep up the blogging !

    my WFB reports

  3. @Sigmar

    I use a Flip video camera. The software comes right on the camera and you plug it in to your computer and it is very easy to edit shots together.