Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tau with Hit and run is not as cool as it sounds

Alrighty! another battle missions battle report, this time "Fighting Withdrawl" Which is one of the Tau missions. Basically it sets it up as an objective mission with a decent advantage given to the Tau via deployment. Plus I get Hit and Run!!!(sarcasm, hit and run with I 2 is not super cool.)

What's gonna happen next!?!?!?!?!?!?

That was a fun game, and I guess Hit and Run did help in the end, a little bit.

Been poking around with Shadowsun for a while, she is fun to use. I have her in there mostly for her leadership bubble.


  1. Well, Hit and Run gets you out of CC so you can shoot. ;)

  2. Drone killed a biker! Awesome! A Tau player getting to consolidate? Congrats! LOL

    Agreed, Hit and Run isn't worth it.

  3. @Xyhelm
    Apparently you didn't see the last game where some pathfinders shot and assaulted two bikers and consolidated to escape berserkers...

    Anyway, fun game Krox!

  4. @Pavonis: not if your initiative is 2


    I seem to have one super unstoppable drone (that's right a single drone) that wins combat, kills tough units (oblits or Daemon prince) and generally causes havoc. If I got to write the new Tau codex I would totally put in the special character "Super Drone"