Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drones as Monsterous Creatures

I always loved the Marvel comic book series "What If". The basic premise is that they took familiar characters and changed one thing like , "What if Norrin Radd never became a herald of Galactus?", then they had a little story exploring that possibility. I have some time before work so this is just gonna be a none fancy post, although i do intend to start making some words hyperlink, I think that is neat. So here is a what if for the Tau codex.

What if:
Drones didn't count against morale check casualties?

Drones were wargear?

Krootox were monsterous creatures?

The Kroot Shaper offered something other than a +6 armor save

The Ethereal was useful?

A Shas'el or Shas'O could be outfitted in an XV9, XV22, or XV88?

Pathfinders were a troop choice?

Firewarriors could equip jetpacks?

There was a flying transport for Crisis Teams?

a Sniper Drone team could be purchased as an auxiliary for a Firewarrior team?

Neutron blasters were assault 2?

Drones could explode?

Feel free to add your own What if ideas.



  1. What if...

    -Fire Warriors had a veterancy upgrade or different troop choice (a la imp. guard.

    -You could select Aun'Va style melee bodyguards as an elite choice.

    -Carbines were useful.

    -Our special characters allowed something to count as troops (like in every other faction). Like maybe Aun'Va makes those bodyguards count as troops. Or Shadowsun gets stealthsuits. A Tauwing, so to speak.

    Those are just a few off the top of my head, might have more this afternoon. I do want to quibble with one of your points, though. I play real low points games, usually below 500 points, and at that level, I have pretty good luck with Ethereals.

  2. @Counter Fett
    I would love to see how you use Ethereals. I have no clue what to do with them. Same with Vespid. I just haven't been able to use either correctly because in the games where i have used them i always feel like it would have been points better spent on crisis teams.

  3. What if Devilfish had fire points?

    What if Ethereals had psychic powers? (At this point I might actually consider taking them... maybe.)

    What if Kroot had Feel No Pain? (After all, they are blood-thirsty carnivores.)

    What if the Tau had a walker vehicle called a Mudskipper?

  4. Vespid...well, I can't get them to work either. I see the potential, I jusst have had no luck with them, and can't seem to make them earn their points.

    Ethereals at real low points level are priceless because they give that little boost to fire warriors. Plus, due to lower volume of fire at low points games, they are less likely to get squished. Fire Warriors with PRifles are enough of a threat here that fire priority is given to them, rather than the 'harmless' Ethereal.

  5. @Xyhelm:

    Fluffwise I don't think any member of the Tau race registers a presence in the warp. I don't know if this means they are souless or maybe the Ethereals shield the race from the warp. If so maybe the Ethereals would have psychic powers, mostly defensive or movement oriented since mobility options seem to be a mainstay (versus just straight up speed)

    If a Shaper Gave Kroot FNP instead of a +6 armor save then he would totally be worth it. That would be crazy. :)

    Would totally be down with a Tau walker, maybe a jumping Tau walker instead of a plodder.

    @Counter Fett

    I usually play 1500+ point games. I see the benefit of the morale options (that's kinda why I have Shadowsun in my current list) but they don't really offer a whole lot else. He is cheap though. Maybe I will make a list that has 6 FW squads in DF then an ethereal with a body guard in a DF to run a Fish Spam list, all with flechette dischargers, and then squads of Piranhas with flechette dischargers. Exploding Fishwall go!!

    What if Flechette Dischargers in Squadrons of Piranhas stacked?

    what if Marker Lights could be used to get the double shots of rapid fire at full range?

    What if railguns caused D6 wounds?

    What if Tau had a "re-Deploy" option, ala Eldrad or the Deciever abilities?

    What if there was a Tau vehicle that was functionally like a Tervigon, except it spits out buffed drones? (Ooh I might have to make a seperate post abou that one)


  6. What if the Kroot Rifle was Assault? (Rapid Fire? Really? It's stupid that the Kroot can only fire or assault but never both.)

    What if the Tau had POWER WEAPONS! (Like a non-Special Issue item under Battlesuit Weapon Systems! Dang we need a new codex.)


    A jet packing walker would be broken beyond belief! But hey... What if? :)

    I would love a re-deploy option. It would fit the Tau very, very well.

  7. What if...

    ...the standard Tau BS was 4 (to make up for the WS and I of 2)?

    ...Pathfinders had Stealth (or something else to help with cover)?

    ...Pathfinders could be taken without a Devilfish?

    ...Marker Beacons were available as upgrades for any Devilfish?

    ...Devilfish were priced reasonably?

    ...Targeting Arrays and Markerlights were 5th-Edition friendly (letting you go above 5 BS)?

    ...Tau could get a free round of shooting at anything entering assault with them?

    Are any of these ideas reasonable? Probably not... but a man can dream, can't he? :)

  8. What if...
    Fire Warriors had a d6 assault move like Crisis Suits?

    Pulse Rifle had rending?

    Devilfish were only 60 points?

    XV8s came with built-in targeting arrays?

    Plasma Rifle weren't 20 points but 15?

    Kroot had stealth and move through cover?

    Kroot Shapers conferred furious charge?

    Commanders had multiple options for battlesuits (imagine an xv22 as standard, or even an xv88 commander)

    All tau skimmers had deep strike? (would be interesting)

  9. Kroot had base I value of 4, and options for shaper to give the kindred (squad) a USR like Furious Charge or Fleet. What If Kroot got Stealth standard?

    What if Stealth Suits counted as troops, or just got more options (they can take a melta, but not a flamer? Really?)

    What if the fusion blaster had a longer range (18 inches instead of 12?)

    What if the burst cannons fired 4 shots instead of 3, and vehicle mounted BCs were rending?

  10. what if ... and waht i hope to see at the new codex ;)

    ...a usefull HQ
    as Counterfett said:
    -Our special characters allowed something to count as troops

    ...human auxilliaries as a cheap troop choise

    ... firewarriors they can take special weapons (melta,flamer)

    ...the new forgeworld crisis (with forgeworld rules and gear!!!bye bye close combat)

    ...the broadsides railgun have small blast with s6 ap4

    ...tigershark (or baracuda WITH raigun)

    ...cheapest marker-drones


  11. I would love two simple changes to the FW's weapons.

    Make the Pulse Rifle an Assault 1 weapon.

    Make the Pulse Carbine an Assault 2 weapon.

    Keep all the other stats the same.