Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For the OLD ONES!!!...err I mean the greater good.

This is a Warhammer Fantasy post, so if you don't have any interest in that this post will not be interesting.

Alrighty if you are still reading here we go.

I started playing WFB back in the long long ago. When Nagash had a silly hat, chaos dwarves were still around, and wood elves and bretonnia were new armies.

Lizardmen were my first army and always my favorite. In grade school I was known as "The dinosaur kid". What's not to love about a bunch of giant dinosaurs and their magic wielding masters?

Now I am the kind of person that picks one army out of a game system and just uses that to the exclusion of all others. I have a wagon firmly hitched to both Tau and Lizardmen. Tau have had some good times and have been through some rough times. I think they are still pretty good, and playing Tau has improved my tactical brain by quite a bit.

With Lizardmen it is interesting to see how much raw power is there, especially in 8th edition. I haven't really played WFB since my tactical epiphany (read: doing something besides just running all your stuff at their stuff and see which dies first)

I will probably be starting a Lizardmen blog. Now that I know how to actually paint there is a lot I want to go back and get done. I guess this post is about the fact that I will still be playing 40K and still posting Tau battle reports, but if anyone has any interest at all in fantasy and wants to hitch a ride with the dinos, or just fantasy in general, there will be a blog here for you. Now all I have to do is come up with a name...



  1. Sweet! I don't play WHFB much (since, like, Battle Maters, LOL!) But I am into the Lizards as well! When you start the blog, make sure to post it here so I can follow it too!

  2. Cool! I'd read that blog too. If I ever got in to WHFB, I'd probably play Lizardmen. ;)

  3. I have some Lizardmen models which I use to supplement my kroot (namely skinks as Hounds) and also to play as Old Ones as per the back of the Necron codex.