Thursday, July 22, 2010


I used to have 26 now I have 25. :( NOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!!!!

Well I guess that's just the way life is. A lot of Tau blogs have seemed to slow down and coalesce on the same few ideas.

Pretty sure there is not going to be a Tau FAQ

Pretty sure that when the Tau codex does come out in early 2012 that it will be awesome, then 3 months later a FAQ will come that will basically be a rules rewrite so that Space Marine players can again trounce Tau. Maybe I am just cynical after reading the new Tyranid FAQ. I mean, I hate the bugs but they don't deserve what GW did to them.

I can't wait to have my Grandkids ask me, " Grandpa what was Spacemarines like when you were my age?"

"Well believe it or not when I was your age it was called Warhammer 40,000. Instead of having 26 Marine Codeces and 1 codex Xenos, there were only 6 Space Marine codeces and 6 Alien codeces that actually had their own fluff and different species instead of just random stuff that grouped together to get slaughtered by Space Marines."

"Weird, Grandpa, why do you still play Dungeons and Dragons 3.5?"

"Because it's awesome."


  1. Oh yeah, Also When I am a grandpa I will probably still be playing Disgaea 3


  2. I wish I knew how to do the "word is actually I link to the thing" Like if your roll over Disgaea 3 it lights up and you can click on it to take you here:

  3. It sure does feel like it's going that way doesn't it? ;.;

    anyway to make a link you use < a href="{url of place}">{light up words}< /a>

    remove the space between the '<' and the 'a' and the '<' and the '/a', and replace the stuff in {} with actual stuff. ^.^

    like so: My slow and mostly empty miniature games blog!

  4. Handy to know.
    Back to 26, been following your blog in google reader for a while anyway :-P

  5. True, its frustrating to play Tau when all the other armies get all this flashy new stuff. No work on when a Tau codex will come out. No word back from Jervis on the FAQ. I was hoping he might make Seeker Missiles ignore cover, because then that would be freaking awesome and breath new life into Skyrays at least. but no. now go buy yourself some space marines.

    seriously though, I am working on some new ways to play Tau (they're actually not new ideas at all) but I'll be getting some battle reports out there.

    GW needs to really rethink the way they release codices. It's freaking annoying to have to wait for new rules and units for years and years.

  6. ...and I'm 28!

    Win some, lose some, yes?


  7. The follower you lost might not have even intended to do so. I don't know why but when I added the blog-list feature to my own site, I was removed from all the blogs I had been following up to that point. I had to go around to all the blogs and sign up again as a Follower. I haven't heard this happening to anyone else, but I may not be unique in this experience.

  8. True, our codex is several years old, and it's written and point-costed for a previous edition. There's not likely to be any new strategies in the near future (although I wouldn't put it past OSH to find/revise a few). However, I wouldn't go totally cynical yet. I can hold my own against Space Marines well enough, and anything that kills Space Marines can usually kill anything else, so I don't see myself giving up on the Greater Good anytime soon. I have problems with assault armies, sure, but then, what Tau army doesn't? I'm still finding combinations of units that I haven't used before and tweaking my army to be as effective as it can be.

    I do admit to putting together an MEQ army (in this case, Chaos Marines), but it's more to examine aspects of the game other than just shooting a lot. :) It's a nice change of pace, but I always come back to my Tau.

  9. @Oniakki {Thank You}

    Thanks for following, any ideas to spice up battle reports or generally stuff you want to see more of?

    I still like my all seeker list with 3 skyrays and 3 pathfinder teams. It is silly, but works really well sometimes :) I am not super cynical yet I just don't want what happened to the Tyranids happen to the Tau in the future.

    I am trying out Shadowsun right now, she is really keeping my suits in the fight when one of their shield drones inevitably dies off.

    Sup Dude, I like your blog, post more battle reports!!!

    @Papa JJ
    Interesting, I have noticed a few odd blogger glitches here and there.

    @Nocker Geek
    I will keep on trucking. Marines aren't too bad. I just have problems with 55 FNP super assault jump angel's descent marines.

    My Main thing is that Marines are EVERY OTHER CODEX. Granted I recognize that marines are the money makers, but they always need more stuff to fight! Looking forward to Dark Eldar and the Necron release whenever they happen. The future of Tau I think is very dependant on how those 2 xenos codeces look and change the metagame.

    -Krox out. No battle reports this week, going to the Cabin for Fishing and Beergaritas!!!!!

  10. @oniakki

    Do you know how to make alt text appear when you hover over a picture?

  11. What ALT text are you trying to make appear and where? You can give a name to a hyper link by just using the add link icon, type in your link, then after the HTML is pasted into your blog, you just add the text between the '>' and the '</a'.
    Well, GW did promise it would give all codexes and update for 5th edition. They have really been making some good headway. And sorry to say, but GW is a for-profit company and since over 60% of their profits come from just the Space Marines, guess which codices are going to get more love. Marketing drives who gets the love, not love for the game.

  12. Koxitau, remove the {} brackets too. ^.^;

    What you're looking for is the 'title' option.

    You'll have to add it to the img tag.
    For example:
    < img title="This is google's Logo" src="">

    (and apparently I can't put images in comments... good to know :p )

    I'm more inclined to believe they sell so many more space marines because they have so many more marine codexes. But it can be argued that they have more codexes because they sell more models (which would just make it a self fulfilling prophecy). Though I also think there are more marine codexes because the marines are the main favorites of somebody (or somebodies) that makes the big decisions.

  13. Yea, the marines are 60% of GW's total sales across all product lines (LOTR, WHF, etc).
    They write more books for marines and marines are like the good knights, the heroes, etc. And just look at their marketing materials, they all pretty much have marines in them.
    So the marines sell and by making more marine stuff to sell, they sell more marine stuff. It is a self fulfilling prophecy; that's a good way to put it. The marines are also easy to assemble, easy to paint, and come in pretty much every box set so in many ways cheaper to build an army, and of course a very forgiving army so good starter army.

  14. Krox, I got to play some Warmachine games while I was back in California, and now I'm building up a 35 point Cryx list. I'd highly recommend proxying some games if you get the chance, it's a lot of fun, and very well balanced.

    Plus if you build an army, we can duke it out instead of me bringing the Nids :)

  15. @Oniakki: Awesome

    @Pavonis: Says the marine player!!! ;)

    @Chris: I am interested in how the overall flow of the game is. Will definitely be proxying for a while on that front, Considering I used to play warhammer with Hacksaw Jim Duggin as my Slann and ninja turtles as kroxigor.

  16. The flow is much quicker than a 40k or fantasy game, the 35 point games we were playing only took about an hour, and that's because I had to learn how everything worked. The games are definitely more focussed on an individual as well (your warcaster), since an assassination run can end the game as early as turn 2 if you don't pay attention. It seems like a really fun game to play, and definitely much different than 40k (more of a skirmish compared to an all out battle).

  17. @Chris
    Nice! I will have to see if my withershadow combine thing is at all viable

  18. Since July 22nd you've gone from 25 to 35, decent increase! ^^