Friday, July 9, 2010

Tau Close Combat Madness

Another Battle mission battle report for all you viewers out there. This was "Ambush!" out of the Necron themed battle missions. Basically the defender deploys along the center column of the table and the attacker can deploy on either side at least 12" from the center line.

It was a kill point mission and I was the defender. I was playing a KP mission where Chaos was within assault range on the first turn. If only I could seize the initiative.

I think my firewarriors and pathfinders have been practicing jiujitsu (the BEST martial art :P). I am liking shield drones a lot. Also the giant line of kroot was a lot more useful than outflanking kroot, even though they are dead now.

Chaos sorceror got a little greedy and pwned himself. I got damn lucky with some saves. Go pathfinders on the far side, taking out bikers in CC to avenge their fallen devilfish!?!?!

Alrighty Pavonis looks like I am riding a wave of entropy, time to average out against your army next!



  1. Muahaha! Do you want the 2k Red Tide list? Or lower to 1500pts?

  2. 1850, that is the level that I am playing at because there are a couple of tournaments that are running that points level. Let me know when you have a good time to battle!

  3. Ok, it's my son Brendan's baptism tomorrow, but I'll see when I can find some time. ;)

  4. That game hurt my brain a little. I pretty much just want to cry.
    gg krox!