Monday, July 5, 2010

DAWN RAID Kroot outshoot the rest of my army

Still trying to figure out how to be more tactical. I think I may need to rely more on FW in devilfish to take points versus outflanking kroot. Going to do some more experimenting with infiltrating kroot, instead of out flanking.

Deep striking suits got too close. Also probably should not have clumped my Broadside teams together.
Kroot got a little silly this game.

how many troop choices do you guys use? (Tau players) Do you have a ratio of points to amount of troops? or you always take X number of troops?


  1. I normally took every thing i had as it's a 2nd hand army that just made 2000pts with all the bells and whistles. Now i have about 3000pts worth so can be more subtle in my choice. Friendly games against my friends IG have lots of troops, comp games have lots of fish. All depends on the game.

  2. I try to use one troop choice per 500pts as a rule of thumb. Some times that means a minimum sized squad, but I am leaning toward more in a squad now. The 5-man sqd in a razorback just doesn't have the staying power I need, even with a sanguinary priest. Of course, I rolled three 1's on an armor save, then turned around and rolled three 1's on the FNP. Ugh!
    As a midwestern Norwegian, I feel I need to point out that though offta is an acceptable spelling, uff da is the more prefered method. ;) LOL.
    I noticed you spread yourself out a lot and your units weren't able to fully support each other. You may want to try castling in a far corner with the crisis suits in the back and the kroot forming a speed bump in the front. Then hopefully your kroot will die and leave your opponent stranded for your shooty. Can you do several min sqds of kroot to guarentee they get wiped. then you can use your crisis suits as counter-assault.

  3. I was working on deep striking suits again. That doesn't really ever work out for me. Time to speed bump the kroot!


  4. Deep-striking suits is tough, it can work in smaller point games but at anything above 1500 there is no room to strike and they get wiped out on the turn they arrive.

    Is that table 4x6? that might be another factor. Tau get screwed by smaller tables.

  5. Awesome game to watch! It's hard to say you should use your Kroot as a speed bump though, when every time you bring them in from the side, they seem to do something pretty impressive for their point cost. Make a whole army of Kroot!!! lol.

    Definitely spread out your Broadsides. Especially when there's power weapon melee squads in turbo boosting transports :) I agree some castling is in order to punish the guys that kill your stuff in melee on their turn.

    @Old Shatter Hands
    The table is 4" short, so only 44". The long way is only an inch or two off I think.

  6. Yea, it is within inches.

    I should get an 8'x6' table!!