Sunday, June 13, 2010

1000pt Tau vs SM

I was a little too aggressive with my movement on my main tank and with my suit squads and killer Carl took advantage of that. At this point in my day I was wondering if buying my video camera to record battle reports cursed me to never win again! (Or maybe I should actually think about what I am doing) Good game dude!

In dawn of war can SM squads combat squad so they can be in four separate squads for DOW? (even though you can only have 2 troop choices and an HQ)

I hate Dawn of War

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  1. The units with combat squad can combat squad when deploying or when moving out of their drop pod. If they do so they are separate units from that point on. DoW should have no effect on combat squading.

  2. @Flekkzo

    Thanks for the heads up, that is pretty nifty for SM in a DoW scenario.

  3. I think you could have done much better with your Hammerhead. It was way too close Krox!!!

    I know you mentioned some changes to your 1000 point army list. I'm thinking you might want to use Fire Warriors instead of Kroot since there's less threat from the enemy, they might not die so fast, and after all, 30" rapid fire weapons are not bad.

  4. Actually, it states that in the end, you can only have two troop and one hq no matter what you do when you deploy. Since combat squadding makes them two separate units each during deployment, it would be illegal. You could combat one squad and have two troop units (and an hq) but not both. Also, another caveat is that a dedicated transport counts as a troop choice for this. So if you have a tac sqd and a rhino, you can deploy them, but if you were to combat squad, it would be three troops. It's under DoW on page 93 LRB in the 3rd section.

  5. You are totally right. I just looked up the combat squad rules without also looking at DoW.

    Wonder how to do it with drop pods though. 1 tac + pod equals two units, but can I combat squad when they disembark the pod since that is after deployment? My guess is you can but to be honest it's always a good thing to listen to other people too:)

  6. OH snap! well I will have to remember that next time i fight marines in a Dow scenario.

  7. It wouldn't matter if they are in a pod, because the pod doesn't come in during initial deployment. Everything else in your army gets to come in as normal at the beginning of turn 1 (so Drop Pod assault, etc.); DoW only affects what you can put on the board during initial deployment.

  8. @chris Ah that makes sense. Just shows that I really need to get those models glued and painted so I can play:) I've always been a player (pun unintentional but left for comedic value) and have surprisingly ended up enjoying the modeling and painting aspect of our hobby.

  9. Dawn of War causes a lot of problems on a lot of different levels.