Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ANOTHER quick update

My army is DONE. That's right it is done, all painted up, no clue what I am gonna do now, probably just give up 40K forever and go on to play yu-gi-oh cards. EXODIA!!!!!

Seriously though, never thought I would ever see my Tau army painted. I thought "maybe if I win the lottery I will get a Blue Table commission" But I never thought I would get it done, much less in three weeks!

I have been working 9 hour days 5 days a week, still finding time for the DnD campaign and hanging out with wife and friends, getting my Tau butt kicked three weeks in a row by a professional football player, trying to learn new characters at SSFIV, and completing an ECRS-R for accreditation. The Army Painter system is pretty much solely responsible, so I am gonna have to credit this army to Graydoom who actually told me about this idea and for the store owner of Phoenix games for telling Graydoom initially, and then explaining and demonstrating the process to me.

Its like a Nerd Final Exam!


(and now I can focus on battle reports! and improving my game)


  1. Now you start your next army and paint it to golden daemon standard ofcourse:)

    Sounds like you've been awesome productive. I am impressed! Teach me:)

  2. @Flekkzo:

    Find someone you are competitive with and then both set a date of when you are going to get your army finished. Me and Graydoom initially were going to go to a GT in November so we decided that that would be the date that our armies would be completely finished. Initially I slacked off because I was really frustrated with painting.

    Then Graydoom was at Phoenix Games in Wayzata and the shop owner there was talking about how he painted an entire IG army in three hours (sans drying time)

    I was interested, when I saw the results its what motivated me to get it done, getting good results was pretty much a key motivational item for me. Video debut post of my army tonight!


  3. Congrats on finishing, well done on doing it so fast. In the same time I've only painted one unit of crisis suits. Are you going to post pics of the whole army ?

    A tutorial on tje technique you used to paint the army would make a great blog post.

    Now you're got the painting bug, are you going to expand your Tau or start another army ?


  4. Krox...Didn't you say you had a bunch of marines sitting around? Hehe.

  5. @Chad

    I will not paint those marines! I am gonna leave them unpainted on the shelves but within line of sight of the table so they can see all the battles they can't be a part of :P