Saturday, April 3, 2010

1750 pt army for tournament in nov

El- twin-linked MP, BSF, FNP, 2 marker drones Shield Gen

2x 6 FW
2x 6 Pathfinders DP on the fish

2 Broadsides with AS

2 Piranhas with FB and 1 DP

3 TLFB SG crisis suits
3 fireknives
2 TLPR SG suits

Basically use the markerlights to negate cover saves, and if there is any left over bump up BS. Primary targets are transports and fast moving things.

Broadsides try to pull units towards them and away from objectives/cover/ pathfinders.
Piranhas to contest points.
Suits to blow up marines since everyone plays marines or CSM in my area.

Army has to be painted so it will be good motivation since i am a super procrastinator when it comes to painting, that is also why I am only taking 2 squads of FW and no kroot.

I will be posting practice games versus nids and blood angels and prolly some other armies too. I expect to face a lot of blood angels in the tournament though.


  1. OR
    Commander with PR and CIB HW MT
    2x 6 FW
    2x 6 Pathfinders with DP on the fish
    2 BS with Ass
    2 Piranha
    3 fireknives
    3 helios (FB and PR)
    5 Stealth suits with a markerlight
    10 kroot

  2. Hi,

    I definitely prefer the 2nd list with the extra firepower over the shield gens, and the 3rd troop choice.

    I'd try and find the pts for shield drones on the broadsides (35 pts for the team leader upgrade and the 2 shield drones), and fusion guns and 1 disruption pod on the piranhas (15 pts). Losing the stealth team leader (and his markerlight would save 45 pts towards this.

    I've not used a skyray yet, but I think a 2nd railhead would suit the list better, the Ap1 of the railgun is essential for vehicle killing and the submunition blast later against infantry is also very useful.


  3. Sweet thanks for the reply.

    The reason I have the skyray is BS 4 markerlights, but then again I have 2 pathfinder squads. I do like mobile rail guns

    Point noted