Monday, April 5, 2010

Skyray vs Railhead! (in the context of my 1750 pt army from a previous post

The debate: should I take a Skyray or a 2nd Railhead in my current 1750 list? I am pretty much 85% decided that I am going to take a Skyray, but I would like to open it up to discussion and will also drop by in other blogs to see what people have to say. Here is my brief opinion:

Skyrays have 2 BS 4 markerlights on a mobile FA 13 platform that has cover saves against anything greater than 12" away and it is a skimmer.

I do have a lot of markerlights in my list, but then again I want to be using markerlights every single turn.

I think a Skyray will be able to support my army by making it shoot better, where as a Railhead supports an army by taking a lot of fire and every couple of turns blowing up a tank.

I already have 1 Railhead, and 2 broadsides in my heavy support FOC. I never leave home without a Railhead. I am just saying i think it can be beneficial to my army to have extra markerlights so that I can def kill at least 1 enemy unit each turn.

With good deployment and proper postioning anything that I am shooting at will not have a cover save and the units I am shooting with will all be BS 5. That is the idea anyways.

with 15 marker lights (13 at BS 3 and 2 at BS 4) I should be able to accomplish that.

(maybe this post should be should I take 2 boradsides or 1 railhead?)



  1. OK, so it sounds like you already have a lot of markerlights in the list which makes the Skyray a lot better. On the first turn, you want to mark up a unit of marines and blow it to smitherines with all 6 seeker missiles. Then your skyray will move about marking targets for the rest of your army and will largely be ignored due it lack of missiles.

    On the other hand, if you already have 13 markerlights in your list do you really need the skyray?

    My personal rules is to make sure I have at least 1 railgun per 500 points. So at 1750 I run with 4 railguns. 3 XV88s and 1 railhead. I only run with about 6 pathfinders so having the skyray is a big deal.

  2. I am also thinking about moving some point around to get more seeker missiles in my armor so i can do the pathfinder "alpha strike" more often. Thinking about changing my suits to death rains for more points for seeker storm.

    If I get rid of the markerlight on the stealth team, change the 2 crisis units to Death rains, I can add 7 more seeker missiles.

    Then I would be at 12 markerlights but 13 seeker missiles. Which is good for 2 alpha strikes. I would want to use the missiles as early as possible, hopefully i get enough ML hits to use them all up in 2 turns.

    I will post a practice game on Friday to see how this turns out.