Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Tau Codex Leak!

Alrighty I happen to have a copy of the 5th edition Tau codex that will be out in the summer of 2011. To prove it I scanned the cover of the book so you can see by the caliber of the cover art, that I am indeed telling the truth.
This is a super leaked copy so don't tell anyone!!! So here's some of the changes and what is in the new codex!!!!!!!!!!

15 point cost reduction to both Shas'El and Shas'O, however Shas 'O can take XV-9 or XV 25 armor at an increased cost.

Priced the same
New rule " Blind to the Warp" Basically Ethereal and any unit within 18" of the Ethereal are immune to psychic effects that are not damaging attacks . (So Bolt of Change or Destructor would still affect the Tau units, but Doom, or Lash of Torment would not)
Can also be upgraded to take an envoy:

Fire Caste Envoy: basically a team of 12 Firewarriors with BS4 and advanced pulse rifles that are 24" assault 2 pinning

Earth Caste Envoy: Ethereal is followed by a retinue of 4 mining drones. The mining drones can be detached and deployed to create an area of difficult terrain. Treat this as a ordinance barrage attack for the purposes of determining where it hits in a 18" range, roll to scatter. The effect causes no real damage as the drone uses a seismic destabilization device to cause a ground disturbance that is difficult terrain for troops and dangerous terrain for vehicles. (but not skimmers)

Water Caste Envoy: The ethereal is followed by 2 Water Caste ambassadors. Each time an enemy has a chance to roll for a reserve coming in on a deep strike or outflank you can declare you are using th water caste's "passive resistance" ability. You roll a dice and your opponent rolls a dice for each enemy reserve coming in via either deep strike or outflanking. For each roll off you win, you may place that unit. You may place deep striking units anywhere on the table but must be at least 6" away from any table edge. For outflankers you choose what side they come in on. You must have at least one water caste ambassador alive to use this ability.

Air Caste Envoy: The ethereal is followed by a command and control drone. The drone is attached to Advanced air caste aerospace computer relay satellites. While the drone is alive, any tank in the Tau army equipped with a command and control node relay can make one shooting attack against deep strikers. Each unit may only be targeted once and each tank can only target one deep striking unit.

Crisis and stealth suits are ten points cheaper
weapon systems prices remain the same
Marker drone cost reduced to 20 pts.
A team leader of XV-8s can be upgraded to take iridium armor, or a SMS, or a marker light.

Stealth suits use the stealth universal special rule as well as night fighting rules to be spotted.

There is also a new tau auxillary race that is some kind of centaur thing that no one will use.

Fire warriors cost the same but have the option that if NOT mounted in a devilfish they may take a unit of kroot hounds (max 5) as an attachment. The unit may not include any drones if it includes kroot hounds. If the Firewarriors lose combat and flee check to see if there are any remaining kroot hounds. If there are still kroot hounds present in the unit, the firewarriors will still flee, but the Kroot hounds will stay and fight, gaining the fearless special rule, preventing the firewarriors from being run down.

Kroot points cost remains unchanged. Units of kroot including krootox may not infiltrate, but may still outflank. Krootox now count as monstrous creatures. Their profile stays the same. A kroot shaper cost is increased to 30 pts, however he grants one of the following to the kroot he is assigned to : Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, or Preferred Enemy.

New Troop unit - XV-6 Alert
18 points per model, max 8 in a squad
same stats as a stealth suit except only 1 attack and I 2
Jet Pack infantry
+4 save
has 2 hard points that must be filled by
(2 weapons mounted will count as 1 twin linked weapon)

Advanced Pulse Rifle S 5 AP 5 24" range assault 2 pinning
Advanced boosters ( adds + 1D6" to any move using the jet pack.When choosing to run in the shooting phase roll 3D6 and choose the highest)
Iridium Armor granting +3 armor save (cannot be taken with advanced boosters)
Drone Controller
Shield Generator

Devilfish reduced to 50 points
Disruption pod increased to 15 points
Devilfish can be equipped with atmospheric thrusters for 15 points which will allow them to Deep strike. When Deep striking with atmospheric thrusters roll only 1D6 when scattering.

Fast Attack
Piranha squadrons point cost reduced to 35 points per model
can take 2 networked markerlights instead of 2 gun drones for 30 points
Wording on flechette dischargers fixed so that each assaulter directing attacks against the piranha squadron takes wounds from each flechette discharger in the unit.
Can take atmospheric thrusters (see above)

Gun Drones reduced in cost to 8 points per model

Pathfinders the same but do not have to take a devil fish.

Vespid now have the hit and run rule, otherwise remain unchanged

XV-9 Hazard suits 60 points per model otherwise see IAA:2 for more details

Heavy Support
Broadsides now cost 55 pts per model, otherwise remain unchanged

Sniper Drone Teams still 0-1 but can take 3 as part of a single FOC slot. Points cost reduced to 40 per team.

Hammerhead base cost reduced to 60 points. Railgun reduced in cost to 40 points, Ion Cannon remains unchanged. New options being twin-linked fusion cannon, twin-linked plasma cannon, or twin-linked long barreled burst cannon.
Can be equipped with atmospheric thrusters or command and control node relay.

Skyray base cost reduced to 90 points.
There are new seeker ammo load outs for the skyray. Each skyray may only equip 1 type of seeker loadout

New seeker ammo load outs: Anti-Air Seekers. Causes all deep strikers during an enemy's turn to suffer a dangerous terrain test on the turn they arrive. 20 pts

Choking Smoke: these seekers are launched the same way a normal seeker is, but you target an area of ground, roll to see if you hit as normal for seeker missiles, if missed rolled 2D6 and scatter. The round creates an area of choking smoke the size of the large blast template that lasts until the beginning of the next Tau turn. The smoke blocks LOS and any non-vehicle unit trying to move through it treats it as difficult terrain. Any infantry unit starting their turn or moving through the smoke reduces their WS and I to 1 for the rest of their turn. 40 points

Marker Gel
These seekers explode into a gout of electro-reactive gel that adheres to any surface and is full of nanomachines that relay information to Tau targeting computers. For the rest of the game any Tau unit shooting at a unit that has been marker gel'd is treated as having BS 5. 25 points

Normal Seeker ammo 15 points

Can be equipped with atmoshperic thrusters. May only take a command and control node relay if equipped with a standard seeker missile rack.

New Heavy Support Choice
Kraken heavy skimmer tank
220 points
Equipped with target lock, advanced targeting array (BS 5) a hull mounted Heavy Rail Cannon and two turret mounted ion cannons. The Kraken may also take 2 twin-linked smart missile systems, or 4 gun drones.
Rail Cannon S 10 AP 1 72" Lance
When the rail cannon fires trace a line from its barrel to 72" or the end of the table, whichever is shorter. Roll to hit the first target in that line, if that target is a non vehicle unit, or a vehicle that the rail cannon has had a penetrating shot on, roll to hit the next target in line. Do this until the railcannon shot fails to penetrate a vehicle or there are no units left in the line. If the shot fails to hit a vehicle move on to the next one, the shot has not stopped, it just miraculously missed that particular target.
Cannot take atmospheric thrusters

Lots of new wargear stuff, but i don't want to get into too much trouble, but before I go there is a ruling in the book on drones attached to squads:

"Any drone under the influence of a drone controller does not count for the purposes of taking a morale test due to unit losses. Also drones are automatically destroyed when a vehicle is destroyed. Drones do not count as seperate from the vehicle they are mounted on unless they detach.(so drones do not give extra KP unless you decide to detach them) Drones that are attached to a unit always have the same unit type and armor save/ toughness as the unit they are attached too."

Well I am sure that this should get you all excited about the new codex!!!!!!


  1. nice! Still an hour and 6 minutes til April here though. ^.^

  2. There are some great ideas in here. One thing that would do is give all kroot, fire warriors, pathfinders and stealth suits the Stealth USR. It's in line with the fluff and would really make all these units more durable without making them any better in the assault.

  3. Well, the cover looks better than the one for Blood Angels, so I say it's legit... except where are the other new allies? Stupid GW lying to us...

  4. Looking over the current BA codex, it appears I was too conservative with the power level of the "5th edition Tau codex"

    I do like a lot of the ideas in this version (all modesty aside)

    OSH- yeah stealth USR makes a lot of sense on those units

    I really think that dark eldar are going to be the best out flankers, and with blood angels being the best deep strikers (landraiders!? dreadnought troops with fleet!?) the next codices to come out are going to have a bunch of anti-null deployment in them. Ways to attack deep strikers as they come in or delay or mess around with deep striking and out flankers. IG have some elements of this, as do Nids, but I think Tau are gonna be all about preventing the enemy from effectively using null deployment tactics. We will see.

    Personally i think the Ethereal needs to be seriously looked at in terms of game play effectiveness. Although an April Fool's joke, i think blind to the warp is an awesome ability (stupid lash...)

  5. Guy don't mess with people like this. I loved a lot of your ideas. And your wording makes me believe you have a very mature understanding of the game rules and mechanics. One of the most powerful things I was noticing was the drastic point decrease. I think overall that by itself would make a serious difference and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

  6. The points cost thing is actually the only thing that is substantiated. It follows the same point cost reduction scale that all of the other armies that went from 4th to 5th got.


  7. I think you really have some cool ideas, especially the Earth Caste Drone that slows down the enemies advance. Ethereals should not be on a battlefield, except for Aun'shi of course.

  8. why not make broadsides able to move and fire..that's what most heavy support do anyway..make them slow and purposefull or sth.

  9. Take all your broken units and reduce their points by a disgusting amount while adding more undercosted broken units.

    Seems fair.

    Sadly only non-xenos races get broken lists. Compare Blood Angels to how shitty tyranids are. This game balance is a total joke and has destroyed the game.. Want to buy my models?

  10. Square Eyes: you should just play warmachine then.

  11. tau are good now. super special rules are nice, but dice are fickle. it's better to have a good strategy. yes, giving all xv suits an inv. save, like terminators, would be fantastic. I like the idea of an instant xv9 hit&run rule better, though. Pwr wpns would be a nice ady, too, but same can be said for wraithguard or (any)necrons. meta-player, so take with a grain of salt. tau can be alot of fun, and the idea should be duplication: all xv models in unit armed the same way, characters/sgt.s aside. burst cannons are a personal fav. - nothing better than a unit of 6 xv 15/25 unloading 18 shots, PLUS giving them all a couple gun drones(another 12 str 5 pinning shots, reroll misses). Long-story-short: hit&run universal on all xv, sacrifice drones to auto-pass, maybe an Big downside is tau makes you buy more stuff: one unit, one ability - there are NO all-around units, let alone real powerhouses. Sad, but true.

    Square Eyes, what you got for sale? Is you on Ebay? Thanks and best regards.