Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tau Vs. Kharn and the World Eaters 1750

Played a good game at Tower today versus a really nice guy fielding some World Eaters. My list is permanently on the side board of my blog, he was nice enough to IM me his army list:

4x Terminators
3x combi-Meltas, Heavy Flamer
Land Raider

10x Chosen
4x Meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino, Powerfist

3x: 10x Berzerkers
Icon, Rhino, Skull Champion, Powerfist
5x Lesser Daemons

It was a 5 objective mission with standard deployment. I got a little too aggressive with my Pathfinders ( I HAVE to remember to not deploy them that far forward if I am going second) Overall it was a really fun game and Vertebrae was a pretty cool dude.

Infiltrating chosen with meltas in a Rhino are scary.

All of the objectives were on one side of the table. I didn't really want to try to slug through the Berzerkers because they can easily chew up anything I have. I tried to zoom up and envelope behind and then move my circle wider to pull the CSM off of objectives. It kind of worked, but it also left my tanks on the right vulnerable to the infiltrating melta chosen that came in on turn 3.

It got kind of scary when the game went to turn 6, and then 7, but I managed a win thanks to some good position and forcing my opponent to make some hard decisions. The Chaos player was a good player and nice and laid back, very fun game with some tension at the end.



  1. Another great battle report. You lost the pathfinders early and still won. Had you got off all the seekers by the time the pathfinder died ?


  2. nope, i was waaaay too aggressive with their deployment. I got a little over half off, and then I should have jumped them in their transports to run away, but they kind of, sort of just turned into meat shields.


  3. Congratulations! A solid victory against a very tough opponent. Flechettes on piranhas FTW! Next time try putting flechettes on both, that way you get two rolls per assaulter. I once wiped out an entire 10-greyhunters squad with 5 piranhas each with flechettes. It was sick!

  4. The reason I only had 1 flechette discharger was due to the fact that I am unsure how the current ruling works out with them. Does the assault activate all the dischargers in the squad to fire, or only the models that are in B2B contact? If it is ruled the way you say OSH that is awesome, it def kept my Piranhas alive. I need to use this army more, but it seems pretty good. I have a feeling deep striking terminators are gonna cause me problems.

    I was kind of sad I didn't get to use my seeker missile alpha strike, but it was a fun game.

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