Thursday, April 22, 2010

1750 Tau Vs CSM

Tau List

Shas' El

2x 3 Deathrains

2x 8 Pathfinders (fish have Dpods and 2 seeker missiles)

3x 10 Kroot

6 Firewarriors

2 Piranhas 4 seeker missiles

Railhead, MT, TL, 2 Seekers, Dpod

Skyray, TA, Dpod

2 Broadsides with Ass


Daemon Prince, Wings, MoS, Lash

Sorcerer, Wings, MoS, Lash, MeltaB

5 Plague Marines, 2x Meltagun, Icon, Rhino

5 Chosen, 5x Meltaguns

5 Bikers, 2x Meltaguns, Icon of Nurgle

5 Havocs, 4x Meltaguns, Champ with Combi-Melta

7x 5 Lesser Daemons

"And now I realized I'm a cheater because I only have one squad of troops because the Lesser Daemons don't count towards the FOC troop requirement" - Jimmy

My other buddy has the battle missions book so we rolled up a spear head with kill points. With so many melta guns in the CSM I was kind of worried, but it turns out the alternate title to this battle report could have been "Melta-Fail" It was improbable that the meltas would fail as often as they did, but it happens. The seeker alpha strike is giving me a lot of room to manuever, plus it's nice to take out a big chunk of your opponent's army before they get to use it. Lash is still scary though and I really wanted to shut down the psychic stuff as fast as I could.
Let me know if there are any other questions or stuff you want to know about the battle, probably post some more this weekend maybe.



  1. Also, don't listen to what turn i say it is in the middle because I think I mis-spoke, the video is edited in the proper order, I just took snapshots at the end of each of our turns.

  2. Nice battle report, the vid makes it very easy to tell what's going on. Love the rhino models :)

    What did the seekers destroy, looked like they helped with the deamon prince and the bikers. Looks like the first game with loads of seekers showed them in a good light. My only worry with seekers is if the enemy has lots of vehicles, eg. if he had a defiler, predator etc. to compliment his rhinos.

    Looking forward to more of your battle reports.


  3. Next battle report I will look for some vehicle heavy stuff.

    The seekers took out the bikers, plague marines, and the daemon prince.

    I am not too worried about vehicle heavy though, considering I have a rail head,2 broadsides, three units that shoot S 7, and Piranhas that can get at rear armor pretty easily (in addition to seeker missiles)

    We will see though, definitely not trying to "only post battle reports that I win" since the best way to learn is to lose.

    And I have lost a lot of games in the process of coming up with this current list.

    There are definitely more battle reports to come.


  4. Also jimmy rolled very horribly with all his melta weapons, which was a contributing factor to the win.