Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tau help desk


i can't turn the link into a word because i don't have magic Tron powers, or because i refuse to read the instructions.


It's up, go there and ask some questions. If you don't know what questions to ask try these:

How do I effectively use Vespid?

How do flechette dischargers work in a squadron of piranhas?

Why is Shas'O Rymr so awesome?

Why is a Baal Predator cheaper than an Ionhead?

What are are the suit configuration Monikers?

Is it worth 130 points to take a unit of 10 Kroot with 10 kroot hounds?

P.S. I can answer the last one, YES if you convert the kroot hounds yourself, I do not like the look of the current models because there are not a lot of variety, but you can indeed get some green stuff and change them up to look super cool, preferably eating marine scout arms!


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  1. I don't know if you figured out hot to change the link to a word. Here's how I do it...
    When editing a post, click on the 'insert link' icon. Type in your URL and hit ok. Then in the HTML, you will see ".>.<./.a.>" at the end of the link it inserts. Between the ">" and "<", add the word you want. Fex: " >.Tools.<./.a.>". Remove all the periods.
    Hope that helps,