Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What should I write about since I think everyone does unit reviews and they are kind of played out

Alrighty I was going to go through all the units and why I use them and why they are in my army, but it got too episodic and EVERYBODY does that. Suffice to say I got bored of it and didn't want to do that. I did decide to drool over these though :

Those are some pretty cool suits with some pretty cool weapons. IAA2 has a lot of interesting bits in it, and hazard suits are why I think it would be a good buy.

Back to topic, what should I write about? I am not super tactics revolutionary like Fritz, I don't have mad painting skillz like jawaballs or drathmere, and it seems like there are already a lot of "every day weekend warrior" types of blogs. I need to find a niche, I could go the humor route, but I do like tactics, I guess I will just have to play more games, but don't ask me questions about Vespid, I am not a good enough warhammer player to get Vespid to work for me yet.

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