Sunday, October 24, 2010


My friends and I have always run through cycles of interest. Basically it has always been some combination of Martial Arts, Magic Cards, Video Games, DnD, and Warhammer (fantasy and 40K.

I have gotten back heavily into jiujitsu and, with Blizzcon this past weekend, video games.

40K is a lot of fun and it will be cool to see what the Dark Eldar bring to the matches. Hopefully I will get some more battle reports up, but my own interest in blogging about 40K Tau has waned, which pretty much happens from time to time.

Anyone have stuff they want to see a Tau blogger blog about? because I am out of ideas currently.



  1. I feel ya dood. There's only so much you can do with an old codex that only have 5 good units, lol! Like Drathmere, painting is always great to see.

  2. Alrighty sounds like i will do more modeling stuff. I am in a slump, but have also been distracted by jiujitsu, and burnout paradise (an oldie but a goodie).

  3. The models you did paint before looked quite nice, so why not step it up one notch and add a little Kustomization and maybe a nice Tauish camo-pattern on a vehicles.

    And if you are in a total rut, why don't you head over to my blog and look at the competiton there. Participating could give you a chance to try something different without actually building a whole army or the like. One model is enough:)

    Some more battle reports can also be interesting. Even if your other hobbies do sound like something I'd do if I had the time/chance/etc :)

  4. Then watch my video battle report and tell me how your Tau will tear it apart, it has like 9 vehicles in it. ;)