Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maybe I will get to play Warhammer again...

Sorry I have been busy.
-Rock Climbing
-Getting Ready for the Midwest Submission hunt
-Playing Disgaea 3 and trying to do all the stuff i want to do before the next one comes out
-Almost Painting Warhammer Fantasy models

So there ya go at least I put up some content, although it is not really warhammer related.

New Dark Eldar from Games Day look awesome. I don't have any links off hand, just go to Bell of Lost Souls or Warseer, they got tons.


(Also playing against Chaos tonight if I can figure out where I put my Flip Camera after rock climbing I will record and post that battle.)


  1. Sorry about the wind, It was very windy.

  2. Way to make your dangerous terrain test!

  3. I think he was trying to infiltrate but forgot his melta at home:)

    The Dark Eldar looks awesome. The minis just screams out "buy me and play me!". Those bikes just makes their poor craftword cousins look nerdy. Very full of win:)

    I wouldn't say no to an Eldar Hornet either:)