Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OSH, NOCKER, AL, Rathstar, Gredus and any other Tau bloggers

Wouldn't it be awesome to try to have a Tau blog tournament? Where all the Tau bloggers try to get together and have a tournament with only Tau? No worries about using a codex slightly behind the power curve and everyone is familiar with the army being used. Yeah it might be kind of silly, yeah it might be logistically impossible, but it still would be a fun community building experience.

I just want to get a feel for where everyone is at. Maybe it would not be possible to get us all in one spot for a weekend, but it may be possible to get some matches down individually, then we could put together some sort of macro blog post.

Out of all the different warhammer races that have blogs the only race that I have seen more bloggers than Tau is SM. Maybe if we had this little community building experience we could have a greater voice overall and actually influence the future of Tau in the 40K world.

Just looking at the back and forth of Kauyon and Mont'ka (which I was mostly not a part of due to playing too many video games and getting my classroom ready for the beginning of a new school year) I really feel that we could have a lot of fun trying to do something like this. Let me know what ya think.



  1. If the logistics worked I would go, but it doesn't look to be too fun to me, honestly.
    Tau vs Tau is lame because it a) makes all your anti assault units and purchases worthless (mobility, Kroot Wall, etc.) and b) favors a "Spam Sides and Crisis" approach. It basically becomes less of a battle than it does a dice rolling contest; with a few oddballs thrown in like Stealth lists, of course.

  2. I think it would be fun because it would showcase people's deployment and tactics capabilities.

  3. I'm in Ireland myself. I'm discussing with Iggy on Sword of Vaul about possibly going to something like Nova next year (as I have year to save up) But also atm discussing with my flatmate about going to Japan next year so for me it would be a struggle to find the time (Oh I forgot i'll likely be attending Blizzcon next year too) A cool idea would be to get each blogger to face a set list of opponents with the same army list and see how each of us do. Sure the opponents we face will have different lists and terrain but would be interesting to see how each of us use that list to best of it's advantage.

  4. The logistics of the thing are difficult at best, but it's an fun idea. I partially agree with Aloh, though - trying to run 'standard' Tau armies against each other doesn't quite work, because Tau lists are built largely to account for the things we aren't good at (namely, assault) while maximizing the things we are good at (mid- and long-range shooting). However, it'd be interesting how the oddballs would do. :)

  5. Well then it would be fun for me because I am the odd ball I guess :D.

    @ Gredus:

    I am heavily leaning towards going to the NOVA next year as well. When it gets closer let me know your status (Still a long ways off, but fun to think about)

    Also Gredus, I like the idea of finding opponent's with certain army lists to fight and then posting battle reports. Kind of like opponent match bingo! That idea is probably a lot more feasible.

    @ Nocker

    What a party pooper! Just kidding, but it WOULD be cool if we all showed up at the next NOVA open...

  6. Next year's NOVA, huh? We'll see; I've never traveled for a 40K event, and I was considering Adepticon or BOLSCon as a possibilty (they're much closer to where I am), but if there's a Tau meetup there, I _might_ be able to swing something. Too early to promise anything yet.

    (And I'll be honest, the competitive scene isn't really where I feel most comfortable - tournament play makes me a nervous wreck - but in this case, I can make an exception.)

  7. @Nocker:

    There would be a Tau support group!

  8. If anything it'd be awesome to get pictures of that many Tau Cadres together.

  9. I'd love to hit a Tau only Tourney, just depends on where.

  10. Krox:
    I think the idea of showing up as a group is a good idea, somewhere.
    The Tau tourney wouldn't really showcase standard tactis; I'd feel like a fool walling off other Tau.

  11. @Al:

    Totally, we could offer each other ideas, and if we face the same opponent in different rounds we can talk about strategy or how the other person plays. It could be cool. Probably a lot more feasible and fun than a all Tau tournament.

  12. A solution to the Tau vs Tau games may be to allow people to bring other armies, however the Tau will have a hard time, ie. playing against (probably) a harder army used by a general that knows Tau inside out :(

    I'll probably not be able to play at NOVA (being out of work and in the UK), but if any Tau players near me (Reading, UK) want a game I could pop down to your local club or LGS for a game.