Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dastardly Tricks!

I practice boxing in real life. It's a lot of fun and it is all about precision of movement. Well I had a good boxing point in this match, however it was boxing of a different type.

Another game versus my venerable CSM opponent. This time it was seize ground (3) and dawn of war.

I liked my deployment and being able to go second in this type of scenario is always a plus, it was DOW so an alpha strike didn't really matter. I deployed with a 2 firebase strategy in mind (there ya go Pavonis). Jimmy and I fight a ton of games against each other and we are getting to some pretty serious knowledge of each other's armies as well as our respective play styles. You would think that would create blander and blander games. However it seems like we are always coming up with new weird things to try out even though our army lists stay generally the same (with mine being more mercurial than his). Check it out, it was a fun game.


  1. Fancy that, another fun game. Have we ever had one that was boring?

    Maybe you'll have some battle reports against my SM bro soon...

  2. Breakfast burritos... You're hilarious!

    Cool game! Good job and stuff. Tell me more about the H-formation for the Kroot. Is there something special in that tactic?

  3. Sounded like a lot of fun. So what is the H formation for Kroot? It looks like you survived the breakfast burritos. Heh.
    What did you think of the two fire bases?

  4. The H formation is just completely made up. Basically it just allows my crisis team to leap frog without getting into too much danger of being assaulted. It just happened to be in an H because I wanted to have a more compact formation.

    2 firebase is a strategy that can work for any army, but it helps if you bring a lot of long range fire power.

  5. Another great battle report. Shame the devilish was just out of range to contest :(

    Although the boxing in strategy worked this time, do you think it's risky, what if you had got a 6 rather than a 5 on the vehicle damage table ? Not only would you have taken damage from the explosion, the plague marines would have been able to multi charge key units. However the chance to get rid of the plague marines without firing a shot at them is too good to pass up :)


  6. @Rathstar:I did get a 6. so apparently we did that wrong. I thought passengers always disembarked. Good to know! I guess then I would have just tried to glance it to death with 15 kroot instead of shooting the melta at it. Then They still would have been boxed and there would have been no way to get an "Explodes!" result.

  7. If it's a 5 they emergency disembark away from the vehicle (can't go on top since they have to get out of it first) which autokills them all, if it's a 6 the vehicle disappears and they get placed where the vehicle was. However, he could have probably fit 3 Marines in at most, since you still have to keep 1" away from enemy models, which basically gives you a 3x1" strip to place bases, so I don't think it would've made a huge difference.

  8. @Chris:
    Good point, there was not a whole lot of space there.

  9. Oh wow, good to know. That makes it a little tougher. You want to assault so you can be within 1" of the tank, but that means you can't shoot at it if the assault fails. If you play it safe and shoot with all your guys 1" away from the tank, then the passengers have the entire area of the tank to plop their guys.

    It certainly wouldn't have mattered much in that game anyway, there was so much plasma and marker lights waiting for them if they made it out.