Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome To Mis-Modeled Firewarrior

Welcome to Mis-modeled Firewarrior

Here is an introduction

Now on to the meat of what I want to say. I am starting this blog because I figured it would be a good way to motivate myself to actually, finally, paint my Tau army. I am not a super awesome painter, and when I first started building my Tau army I was not very good at putting them together either. I am more of a gross motor type of person. I always have wanted to draw but I can draw only slightly better than the preschoolers that I teach.

However through time and practice I have actually gotten better at putting together my army, and have even converted some models, that I think look rather nice. I hope the same will be true for painting.

The main point for me doing the blog is to get to painting, the main motivation for you to read it? Well there is some humor, there is a lot of hobby material since all you followers will get to see how my army comes to life ( possibly a long and slow process), there will be my take on Tau Vs X and strategies and thoughts I have about army make-up and tactics, battle reports of me at tournaments (i will be interested to hear people's comments on what I should have done after the fact) and possibly other things I have not even thought up of yet.

Hopefully this will stay as entertaining in real life as I think it is in my head, but I guess it depends.

(Also bear with me as I learn about photography as well)

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